Friday, December 03, 2004

dinner, a show & fireworks

Dear hubby and I ran out to a local restaurant for a quick supper, only to find the town Christmas parade about to begin. We slipped in a back way. The parking lot was full, but the place was empty. We watched the parade from our table, then wound around the long way home to avoid the traffic. I'm not quite ready to admit it is Christmastime, but the little parade was sweet. Lots of pick-um-up trucks and trailers loaded with tons of kids in Santa hats throwing candy to everyone along the streets. About a half hour after we got home, we heard lots of heavy engine noises outside the house. Car doors slamming. My curiousity finall got the best of me. I saw police lights flashing at the north end of the street, just past our driveway. But the people were walking past our house. I went to the other end of the house and was faced with this view out my son's bedroom window to the south: Actually, the view I saw was much worse than this photo, which I took about five minutes later and does not truly capture the height of the flames and the overwhelming glow of it all set so close to our home!! We went running outside (with our cameras). I found myself thinking as I ran around the house that I was so glad hubby had spent the day getting the pine needles off the roof. There is nothing but trees between our place and the fire. I was also praying thanks that there was no wind! Brand new house. Not quite finished. No one moved in yet. There's a joke around here about Bubba's wiring work. Well, it's a joke to us anyway. We overheard a conversation just a couple months after we moved here. Two men were talking. One asked the other about the house which had just been rebuilt after a fire. The other commented that Bubba had done the electrical work on this new house too -- seems Bubba did electric work on the side. As for this fire, sure seems like it coule be suspicious? The fire department and police were occupied with the parade... could someone have picked a better time? This all happened about 6:30pm. The engine noise has only stopped withing the last hour. What hubby and I are both curious about though, is that neither the fire nor police sirens were sounded The smell brought back memories from the summer between my junior and senior years of high school. Our kitchen caught fire the day after school let out. It took all summer to get the house back in order from the damage. I'm heading to bed now, more than a little anxious about having bad dreams. LC

Friday, November 12, 2004

bad girl, bad girl

whacha gonna do if the teacher sees you?? I'm skipping a class right now. A class where I am supposed to be taking a test. A test that I know I can make-up... not a common thing on this campus. I'm just not ready. Why? Because I'm compulsive. Not satisfied to depend upon my class notes, I am driven to read all the accompanying chapters even though I *know* that it is probably not necessary. Two of the five essay questions on the test are about lecture material that isn't even part of the text. Lordy, I wonder about myself sometimes. The alternative, however, was to work myself up into an anxiety attack and be physically ill (anxiety is primary trigger for a physical ailment for me). At least I'm not doubled-up in pain and making love to the toilet this morning. And, I prepared a summary of a lecture I attended on Tuesday night for extra credit in another class, so I am not totally wasting my time here blogging for ya. Things are getting quite stacked up school-wise. I've got to be sure to budget my time, and most importantly stay calm. It really IS okay to make a B instead of an A, right? RIGHT?? I forgot my knitting today. Bummer. Sold all my Dazzleaire! And printed out a list of the rest (mostly Lion Brand) to pass along to the knitting group in the dorm here. Life is pretty good on this chilly Friday. Hope all is well with everyone else, too. If not, well, may the powers that be bless you. LC

Sunday, November 07, 2004

sunday musings

The saga of the fuzzy scarves continues. I'm on the fourth one. Still struggling with a good cast-on. There's one where you just sort of carry a thread under the loops as you cast-on; that's next. I'm down to 48 stitches on this one. They really do stretch out big when you open the tube. The second one I made has to be totally redone. It is HUGE. Way too long and floppy. I'm liking about 75gm per scarf. Found out that a bunch of the 'co-ed' knit in one of the dorms on Wednesday night. Don't plan to try to join in, but I was happy to know that there *was* some knitting happening on campus. The knit meet-ups have never occurred in town, so I was wondering if it was just grand-ma's knitting around here. Had a good number of people stop at our yard sale yesterday. Most frequent comment heard was how pretty the yarns were, but they didn't know how to crochet. One lady did ask me if I could teach her. I told her after hearing so many wish they knew how, I might consider it and to watch the local free-ad paper for a notice if I decided to do so. Another thing, I think I just might as well list all Mom's books on I just don't get it. People will go to the half-price book store (or even the regular bookstore) and pay for books, but they think it is outrageous that I want half-price for these books?? MANY which have never even had the binding opened on them! To say nothing that the cover price is only half what new paperbacks are going for anyway!! It's not the heat, it's the stupidity. I know. That wasn't nice. Some times it sure seems appropriate though -- no matter what part of the country you live. Classes already seem to be winding down. Hard to imagine, but I think even fewer are attending class than before fall break. I still have two papers and two short-short thingies to write. Three tests this week. The only thing I think I am really dreading is the Spanish oral on the last day of class. And speaking of, I should do a little more of that tonight, and finish the Statistics chapter. So, I'm off... LC

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Conclusion: Never try to use the 'magic scarf' pattern(s) with a fuzzy yarn. I was in a store across from the campus last week and saw a fuzzy scarf. One of those tube-types that you can pull long and skinny or open up and wear like a hooded cowl. I stood and counted (approximate) the number of stitch around, thinking I would make these with my Patons Cha-Cha stash as Christmas gifts. Before I began I did some looking around online at the various patters for something like this. I estimated about 100 stitches in the one I saw in the store, but it seemed way too big, and so I backed down to the 68 stitches found in an online pattern. First note to self: always use odd number. To be fair to myself, however, I didn't intend to drop the stitches... I thought it would just... well, never mind. It didn't. Second note to self: don't use cable cast-on. I'm on my second one and still haven't determined the perfect cast-on for this project. Long-tail with one yarn-over between each cast-on stitch is not it... I'm leaning toward invisible with two yarnovers between each loop for the third attempt. As my conclusion, my solution is to drop those stitches as I go. When I was tediously dropping the stitches in my first attempt, wonder wasn't the process basically the same as adding a yarnover between each stitch and then dropping it on the next row? So that's what I'm doing on this second try. It does, however, take more attention than just knitting away and then dropping the stitches, i.e.,: *k, yo, drop yo from previous row.*. I believe the key is a mantra, of sorts. Either "stitch, wrap, drop," or "wrap, drop, stitch," being sure to double check that you are always stitching into a knit-stitch and dropping a yarnover!! It is sort of 'loosey-goosey' and the first couple rows are the most tedious, but seems to be rolling right along now. Biggest problem is finding a 'safe' place to stop/put it down! And what I'd really like to know is how the one I saw in the store can be so, so skinny with so many more stitches?? Will update with success or frustrations. Happy Halloween to everyone! LC

Thursday, October 14, 2004


I see by moonphases that is is new moon -- it's a toss up as to my favorite: new or full moon. There's just something about that teeney-tiny sliver up in the sky, especially when there's the warm glow of sunset still in the western sky, that makes me smile and feel all contented inside. Classes are fine, excellent in fact. Doing unbelievably well in statistics, of all things! Falling a little behind in espanol, but I should be able to catch up by next Wednesday, when our first typed composition is due. We have fall break Monday & Tuesday. I have an accumulating list of topics I'd like to write about -- um, not for espanol, just THINGS I need to get our of my head and/or off my chest -- and no time to write about them. I am one-fourth finished with the baby blanket, but it's too heavy to carry around on campus, so I'm hunting something else to work on. Most of my other projects are also too big. Guess it's time to get back to watchcaps or baby sweaters. Although, I REALLY want to make myself a sweater with the alpaca I bought last year... but still haven't really found the right pattern. And I'd like to reproduce this crocheted poncho I bought. It's from some rather fine silky thread, simply pattern, just a matter of getting started. It would be small, not too heavy and easy to work on between classes. later taters, hubby is waiting to head out to a tool sale... LC

Saturday, October 02, 2004

more grades

    I've had three exams since Ivan roared through just east of us -- he surely did me a favor: two of the three were postponed a few days giving me more study time. How very egocentric of me.     Yes, two of them were the ones I was whining about last week, Personality Psych and Comparative Religion. And I did as well as I hoped and better than I thought, getting Bs in both. For some reason 19/25 isn't the C my calculator says it is -- but you won't see me arguing it with the professor! I think I'll know how to do better on the next one... same with religion. I hope. Still, I'd rather write more completely on fewer items than have to rush through and do a poor job on more questions.     The third exam was Spanish. I had hoped (and sort of expected) to make an A and I did. A low one, but still, pretty good for first test (which are apparently standardized throughout the department -- now *that* seems like compulsive micro-management to me).     Today has been weird. Wyrd, even. Slept late, felt sleepy all day and dozed a couple times... started to go to bed because I was sleepy again, and discovered it was only 8:30pm! This will not do. I have studying to do. I have knitting to do. I have yoga to do. I have pleasure reading to do.     And the good news of late is that isn't closing after all, so I have many, many books to add to my inventory.     Which leads me to the bonanza we found last night at a local salvage-type store: about half the stock of a Books-A-Million store from Florida at 40% off! I put back most of my selections after DH found high-quality coveralls -- he's a true hillbilly at heart and I lurve him -- at about 75% off retail, as I do try to budget our foray's into "Treasure Hunt," especially when I can just as easily get from the library about a half dozen of those I decided not to buy.     One of the books I did buy is "Mindful Knitting: Inviting Contemplative Practice to the Craft," by Tara Jon Manning. Have only read the preface and introdution so far. Another one was a slo-cooker cookbook DH wanted, and another a gift for Son#2.     I'll be going back in a few days to plunder some more. I'm hoping to find Christmas presents and also a GRE preparation guide, just to get a feel for whether I could do well enough to make it worth my time. LC

Monday, September 27, 2004

some days

you just want your mommy!     And today was one of those days. For the second time in two (class) days, I have failed to be able to completely finish an exam in the time allowed. It wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't known the material so well! Simply defining the terms was not adequate: "tell me all you know about it," "include examples from the lectures, films and readings." No problemo... I used to hate these kinds of tests, but I don't any more. There were 14 terms to be done in 50 minutes. That's about 3.5 minutes per term. Right.     Now, to simply define terms that would be plenty of time, but we were told again and again that was not sufficient.     By the time I got to my car -- it was my last class for the day -- all I wanted to do was to be able to pick up my phone and call my mom.     Unfortunately, heaven isn't in my calling plan.     I drove straight home, and would have ditched my dance class and crawled into bed for a good long nap if I hadn't found DH in the shower getting ready to head to the coast for the evening. I also knew that it would be better for me physically and emotionally if I went to dance class (and had a good dinner beforehand).     So, here I am back home. Not sure I feel so very much better, but DH let me vent all the way to the coast (I didn't dare try to knit), and a little exercise is always a good thing. I also talked to Son#1. He had to go to traffic court for a bogus ticket this afternoon. I suppose I was more concerned for him over it than I realized, for I felt a good bit lighter in the heart after we spoke: both charges were dropped. He had all his documents in order and I'm sure made a good impression. I felt a little guilty for not being there to support him, but perhaps it was as it should have been. He is 20 years old, afterall.     I hope to get a good night's rest and put today behind me, as I have my first Spanish test on Wednesday. (I think) I'm in pretty good shape, but I need to work on verb conjugations and pronouns, and review "paises y capitols."     Buenas noches, LC

Friday, September 24, 2004

quiet afternoon

    It seems much later in the day than it actually is when I come straight home from campus after classes. After rising before 6AM, I'm always surprised how much of the day is still left when I get home at 3PM. And today, DH is working on someone's lawn, so it's just me and the cats for a while. Of course, this is serious nap time for the three of them (and often is for me as well but I'm trying to stay awake this afternoon).     I want to say thanks for the few who faithfully stop by and check in on me. I've been neglecting my blog a bit this month, but I hope to be better. As for knitting, I remember thinking about half way through the feather-fan blanket for my new neice that I would be SO glad to finish I'd never bother with the pattern again. Then by the time I finished, I really loved the pattern. So when the massage therapist asked if I'd be interested in trading sessions for a blanket to fit her daughter's toddler bed, I pulled out the pattern, grabbed some yarn and started another one. This one will be 45 x 70; it takes me an hour to do one pattern repeat, so I expect it to take about 75 hours. Nothing I have to rush with as the child won't move to that size bed for a good while. And in fact, this may not be what she wants at all. That's okay too because I'm sure it will not be wasted. I picked up the yarn at a salvage sale, too. It's only Red Heart's baby soft, but it's what a busy mother needs.     I hope to get a little bit of beading done this weekend. I've been threatening a magnetic bead anklet and really would like to get one made soon one, especially if I can work in a couple jinglies and wear it at dance class. I grabbed the magnetic necklace I picked up at WallyWorld last year to wear this morning as it was red & blue (actually, it's a long straight length of beads that sort of wraps to the length you want, be it on your wrist, ankle or neck). I didn't like the way it felt today on my arm (or the green beads in it), so I dropped it down in my pocket -- which just happens to be right where my hip has been hurting... couldn't hurt, right? No, it hasn't. All day. Yeah, yeah -- no scientific proof, yada yada yada. Ah, yes, my hip. Saw the doc on Monday. He took x-rays. Said no real deterioration from arthritis in my hip or back, just inflammation. Gave me a cortisone shot, adjusted my med and sent me on my way. Said should be much better in two weeks. It's better already, but will obviously stay on the med. Also said yoga and dance as well as walking around campus will most certainly be okay and will probably help. And speaking of yoga, am looking for the following so if you have and want to de-stash, let me know:     Yogi Marlon Braccia's Yoga for Absolute Beginners DVD,     and Dolphina's Goddess Workout CD -- the first one, Intro to BD     The fact that I made an A on my first statistics test was somewhat overshadowed this morning by the personality psych test I took the next period. You wouldn't think it was so bad: 5 'short answer' questions -- but in a 50-minute class, that's a lot of writing.     It's not that I can't write for 50 minutes, that's no problem. Only having approximately 10 minutes in which to answer the question is the problem. By the end, I doubt I was writing anything but sentence fragments. Consider the questions, Compare and contrast: (1) Erickson's developmental stages and Marcia's addition to his theory. (2) Freud's developmental stages, zones & modes. (3) 10 defense mechanisms of Freud's Dynamic model. (4) 10 personality disorders of Freud's Dynamic model. (5) Freud's Topographic and Structural models. No way will I make anything better than a C. Could only think of 7 disorders, and though I think I listed 10 defense mechanisms, I don't think I defined/explained them thoroughly enough. I had a thorough short essay written for #5 but could not reproduce it in full and finish on time. I may have reproduced the table/chart he'd illustrated for #2 completely enough for full points. And probably did all right with Erikson's stages, but we were only given Marica's part in the last couple minutes of class Wednesday! I got the gist but not the details. And while I'm whining, it is fair that a Tuesday/Thursday class would have the same test but have at least 15 more minutes in which to take it?? Ah,well... the day did improve, if only for the fact that it is done and nothing will change it. Will try to condense more for next one... or take it with the T/TH class perhaps. Think I'm losing the battle against the nap faerie... will be preparing for comparative religion test on Monday and catching up/reviewing espanol all weekend, so, hasta luego! LC

comment spam?

    I don't believe this... someone spammed my comments. Don't people have anything better to do? Guess not, huh. What a pain.   &nbsP Has anyone else had to deal with this? Got a permanent solution?? LC

Monday, September 20, 2004

good news, bad news

    It's that kind of day. No big surprise since it is Monday. Told DH last night, it's not the 8AM class that's the problem, it is the 5:45AM alarm that wakes me. Once I'm up and in the shower, everything is usually pretty fine; even my nervous stomach seems to calm down once I am on the road to the campus. I've no cash for lunch and an hour to kill before Developmental Psych, so I wandered to the computer lab to check my email and blog a bit.     This is first day of classes since last Tuesday when Ivan threatened. The statistics test scheduled today was postponed until Wednesday --good news-- and he did a pretty thorough review today. Friday's personality psych test is not rescheduled, so instead two class periods of videos (of questionable interest) are sacrificed for the lectures that would have been given last week --also good news. Spanish test scheduled for Friday is rescheduled -- very good news -- but, we may be losing our professor -- could be very BAD news.     Funny thing, first time I saw him I was relieved he was not my professor. Just something too stern-looking about him. When I needed to rearrange my schedule and ended up in his class, I was apprehensive. Turns out he is not only an efficient and effective instructor, he is a warm and very accommodating person. I honestly do wish him well, as it sounds like he has been offered a good opportunity; I would certainly love to see him be able to finish this semester. I don't think any of us would enjoy having to readjust to another professor/style.     Ah, more good news. I just happen to check with the department secretary after statistics about how scheduling for advisement is handled and found out that just this morning all the information and scheduling sheets were posted right outside my class. So, all I had to do was to walk back about 20 sign up with my advisor -- on the first possible day during my lunch break.     Time to head out for last two classes, LC

Thursday, September 16, 2004

quick update

    We were very fortunate not to feel but the barest effects of Hurricane Ivan, being on the far west edges of its path. Lots of leaves and pinecones in the yard, a few twigs and only a few branches off one of the large old pines in the back yard. Our power never even flickered; all my clocks were still set this morning.     But I suppose I was subconsciously more anxious than I thought; I had very unusual pains in my stomach since early afternoon yesterday, just about the time the outer bands started hitting the Gulf Coast. I had one son 40 miles north and one about half-mile east -- they were safe, but I'm still a mom and I guess I was concerned.     I napped on the sofa most of the late evening, and finally went to the bedroom when the eyewall was still about 50 miles off the coast of Mobile. Usually, the bedroom door is closed to keep out the cats, but I left it open last night so I could hear to the other end of the house. Slept horribly, but not due to the cats joining me or even chasing each other this morning. The winds and rain never woke me as I expected them to, but I woke up just the same (and frequently) to check. Lots of strange and troubling dreams... like TOTALLY forgetting to do the reading and work for one class for the whole semester and then remembering on the very day of the final that I had that class! Campus shut down on Tuesday night; no classes until Monday, so plenty of time to catch up on my psych chapters. Except that I've only been knitting!     We took a ride to check on a couple friends this morning, picked up some ground beef at the grocery and hubby made a great batch of gringo chili. It's in the 80s, but some how it 'feels' like chili weather... stormy?? Who knows. I'm just weird.     Off to do some reading for religion and psych. Blessing to all who weren't so fortunate from Ivan.     Oh! By the way, that paper I had to write -- got my grade: all 50 possible points. Have also had one test in that class and scored a 90, plus 5 extra credit points, so feeling pretty good about this class so far. LC

Tuesday, August 31, 2004


    Some days I am just too stupid to pay attention to all the lessons the Universe has been trying to teach me for the past forty-something years. Today was one of them.     In order to avoid the outrageous prices of textbooks (don't kid yourselves, it ain't about education,it's about M-O-N-E-Y!!), I purchased some of my books off of and eBay. I'm still waiting to find one of them that I'm willing to buy, and for another one of them to arrive. However, in the class for the book which hasn't arrived, we have two papers to write from a choice of four topics, and rather than two due dates, there is a due date for each subject. So if you write on topic #1, it is due first; if you write on topic #4, it is due last. I am willing to do any of them except topic #2 (involves watching cartoons and counting acts of aggression [shudder]), and the first one (on prenatal development) is due Friday.     One of my son's friends is also in my class, so I asked if I could borrow his book to review the chapter which covers this topic (paper is to be written about personal experience but related back to the material within the text). So, since he planned to be using the book last night, I made arrangements to drive back to campus this morning. I also planned to assist other son in setting up his wireless network adapter if he needed it. He did... but....     phew.... this is going to get really long if I don't cut to the chase.... short of it is, I got a parking ticket and almost towed away for parking in a no parking zone of one of the lots. How the hell I missed seeing ALL the frickin' signs is beyond me! The parking fine is $50! But worse than that they are going to make me pay the towing fee because they 'already called it in' -- another $70!!! Can we all say 'stressed'? So much for trying to save $40 on a textbook.     I just should have stayed home in bed and hoped my book arrived, or that friend would loan it to me Wednesday night. Oh, no..... I had to plan ahead (for a change, since I nag the boys about waiting until the last minute and have to set a good example, right?). Who knows what might happen between now and Thursday night when I would need to finish the paper (this is a short little paper, y'all --- nothing to get all worked up about in the first place).     Why does this sh!t happen?? And one of the young woman on the ticketing staff had the gall to say, "why can't they all be like her" because I was calmly dealing with the situation and not fighting them about it. Heck no, the hell-raisers or those who can tell a big whopping lie, or name-drop someone important, they'll get their fines removed. Not me. Heavens no. And what makes it worse is that they probably don't believe I didn't realize what I was doing because I was so calm, therefore, fully cognizant of what I was doing and that I've been 'caught.' Right?     Wrong. Wrong. I just had a STUPID attack!     What really makes me sad is that this will basically cost me ALL the money I've saved by carefully shopping for books on sale -- which helped out those people who sold them to me -- and also, I sold two of my summer session books and a bunch of beads and a bunch of beading magazine, just so that the money for my books would NOT come out of our bill-paying money. It's really no wonder people get to a point where they just don't give a damn any more.     Ya know... I've always sort of had this superstition, that you didn't speak certain things aloud. You don't 'tempt fate' or the devil or whatever one wants to name "it." Yesterday on my drive home from classes, I was THINKING about how happy I was, how well things had turned out. Not perfect, and there was hard work ahead, but I was pretty happy.
S M A C K ! ! ! !
    Do I feel like writing the *&%^*@ paper now?? Oh yeah. Sure. LC

Thursday, August 19, 2004


    Why is it that you -- okay, maybe not you, but ME -- always seem to find things you were looking for last week when you are looking for something totally different today? Know what I mean??     For instance, I have wanted to try continental style knitting for a while, and decided now was a good time. I remember seeing an article in one of the knitting magazines that I set aside for reading later, so last night I went looking for it. Meanwhile, I found a small illustration on the upper right corner of one page of IK's Spring 2004 issue for a K2TOG Bind-off. I decided to see if it would work for my baby sweater sleeves. It did. So, I'll learn tubular cast-off some other time -- perhaps in person with my knitting friend, Melody.     I also found the pattern for a dog sweater I wanted to make for my step-daughter for Christmas. She has a Scottie whom she adores. Back in May, I made an attempt to trade a Fiber Trends pattern. One of the patterns on my trade list was their dog sweater. This one will do fine though, and I've already paid for it.     Now, to get back to looking for the continental instructions. No telling what else I may find while looking, like all those sweaters I'd love to make but don't knit fast enough to finish them, nor can afford the 'luxury' yarns. LC

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

5HBS still unfinished

I'm still struggling with these 5-hour baby sweaters -- tho' I'm about to rename it the 5-headache baby sweater! I can not seem to get the tubular cast-off right, so the three sweaters are sitting there with only the sleeves to be bound off to be finished! I asked about it on StricktlyKnitting, so I hope someone can help. Both the book-sets I bought off of eBay have arrived: Statistics, and Spanish, paid for by the beads and beading magazines I have sold so far! I was fortunate to find great buys on both. I'm really looking forward to classes beginning on Monday. Tomorrow I take Son#2 to check-in at the dorm; we'll do some other 'business' while on campus: his ID card, buy books, get parking permits. I need to pick up papers/tests from my summer classes, and stop by financial aid. That seems to be working out, thank goodness! I finished reading Deception Point over the weekend. It was pretty good; the subject wasn't as interesting to me as his other two weeks. Ah, which reminds me to renew the MZB book tonight. Not much else to say, except the weather here is unseasonably cool, and just wonderful. Enjoying the Olympics, but not getting to really watch a lot. So, off to putter with myriad things, y'all. LC

Friday, August 13, 2004

did ya know it's friday the thirteenth?

    I should be leaving right now for my therapeutic massage, but she called to say she was sick with stomach-bug -- boy, am I glad I didn't go last night! Last thing I need it more stomach trouble. Need to do laundry yesterday. And hope to get some more beads sorted and listed for sale -- so hard to part with them.     I'm really just popping in to whine:     I'm now working on my fourth 5-hour baby sweater, and I've decided I must be the slowest (or worst) knitter alive! Does anyone really get this little jewel finished in five hours??     (At least I didn't start it on Friday --and the 13th, to boot!-- Momma always said never start anything on Friday you can't finish on that day. She never 'cut' any garment on Friday she couldn't finish on that same day.)     I started a pink one last night about 10:00pm. The thread was finer than worsted, so I used a double strand. It's coming out a bit bigger than the others, but that's okay, since babies grow. duh. The thread is some Patons Carolina (acrylic/cotton/polyester) a friend gave me. A BIG change from the Debbie Bliss Merino Aran I've been using on these! I went to bed after 3:00am, and I still have one sleeve and the body to finish! Now this morning, I've got quite an irritation across my right index finger, where the thread rubbed. It's not pretty, but at least the sweater is.     Usually, I get all messed up with the increase rows of the yoke, and have to tink and re-knit a lot... on this pink one, I only had to do that once, and still it seemed to take me forever.     Okay. Enough. It is a beautiful day here; all the hurricane weather went way east of us this time (my thoughts and prayers for those of you in the path), and I'm going to finish this little piece of torture asap. Right after I eat something. LC

Thursday, August 12, 2004


I did it! I made an A in each of my summer classes!! Can I gloat a bit?? Can I be proud of myself?? Can I do a little happy-dance?? Well, good -- because I'm doing all three! It's probably the ONLY time in my whole educational career that I've carried a 4.0 GPA. Now, if we could just get the financial aid part worked out -- it is a mess, and I don't understand what is going on. How is it that we can be at 'poverty level' and still be expected to contribute over $4K ??? I'll just Scarlett O'Hara that though (i.e., think about it tomorrow) cause today I'm going to be happy about my success. Hugs and thanks again to all of you who are out there sending me good wishes, prayers and positive energies! LC

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

relaxing & productive

    That's what my last couple days have, pleasantly, been. I almost finished the baby sweater, but have taken a break. Turns out I didn't make the increases the same on the second sweater as I did the first, and I want them to match. So I'll be starting another one and keeping this one for the next baby boy born.     One of the things I was looking forward to doing during the break between terms was reading Dan Brown's DaVinci Code. Hubby read it last week while I studied for finals. I finshed it last night. What a great read! I really like his writing and look forward to his next 'Robert Langdon' tale next year. We read Angels & Demons first, and picked up Digital Fortress from the libray today.     While hubby reads that, I've started Zandru's Forge, the second Darkover book published since Marion Zimmer Bradley's -- co-written by Deborah J. Ross. I'm reading it more just because; I wasn't really impressed by the other books cowritten with Marion in her last couple of years(Fall of Neskaya nor Priestess of Avalon -- cowritten with Diana Paxson. Now I see there is yet another Avalon book written by Paxson, as well as third Darkover book coming out this month. Being as compulsive as I am about these kinds of things, I'll probably read them both, too.     Found a great deal on eBay for my Spanish textbooks for fall! And my Comparative Religion book I'll get at The psych books I'll get locally, because I may have to drop one of the classes and want to be able to return the book for full price.     12 days of vacation remaining, and 9 til my baby moves out. LC

Friday, August 06, 2004

another 'commercial'

I picked up a bunch of silk ribbon on sale a few months ago... I was going to knit with it, just have some fun. Thought I'd offer it to anyone interested... 75¢ a card: LC

Thursday, August 05, 2004


Not yarn (yet), but beads - - and great beads, my personal stash of Delicas. I uploaded a photo and a price list. BUT, the colors are off in the photo -- not too bad for most, but the ones on the top two rows, the last on the right are totally off... one is grey (772) and the other is blue (628). I tried to find a happy medium between the FMG's cheap prices and other bead sources. (Add 10¢ to the price of each if you want the fliptop container.) If you want all (or most, or a lot, LOL), I'll be willing to discount the total price, or pick up the shipping -- something like that. I also have some bead magazines for sale. Bead & Button (a surprising number of back issues are still available from B&B, but for $6 a piece): full years (6 issues @ $3.00 each)
  • $12 - 1996, #13-16 (only four issues published in 1996)
  • $18 - 1999, #29-34 (only #31 & 34 are available from B&B)
  • $18 - 2000, #35-40 (only #37 & 39 are available from B&B)
  • $18 - 2001, #41-46
  • $18 - 2002, #47-52
  • $18 - 2003, #53-58

single issues @ $3.00 each

  • #45, October 2001
  • #46, December 2001
  • #53, February 2003

Beadwork (only 18 issues available from Interweave Press, and for $5 a piece):

full years (6 issues @ $3.00 each)

  • $12 - 1998, Vol. 1, #1-4
  • $12 - 1999, Vol. 2, #1-4
  • $18 - 2000, Vol. 3, #1-6
  • $18 - 2001, Vol. 4, #1-6*
incomplete years (5 issues @$3.00 each)
  • $18 - 2002, Vol. 5, #2-6
  • $18 - 2003, Vol. 6, #1-4, & #6
single issues @ $3.00 each
  • Fall 1997, Special Issue
  • Feb/Mar 2004, V.7,#2

Jewelry Crafts --$2.00 each

  • August 1995
  • July/August 1997
  • April 1999
  • August 2001

Lapidary Journal's Bead Issue -- $3.00 each

  • October 2000
  • October 2001

Leave me a comment if you're interested... my book fund will thank you!


and now they are too!

I am SO glad my finals are finished. Probably did all right on the psych, but not too sure about worldciv. Probably did fine and hopefully well enough to keep my A, but still I worry. Of course, out of five possible essay questions I got one of the two for which I was least prepared, and absolutely no questions on the material I worked on so hard to catch up (Western Europe) -- I should have known. It's the professor's least favorite topic. Ah, well. What really shocked me was people leaving after 30 minutes for the worldciv exam! Were they really that fast or didn't they know the material?? I pretty much wrote constantly for an hour and a half! Enough of that! Now to look forward to Statistics, Social AND Developmental Psychology, Spanish and Comparative Religions in two and one-half weeks. Til then, I'll be reading DaVinci Code, catching up online, sorting out beads to sell, and knitting. My cousin's twin baby boys were born on Monday --- just one week shy of 20 years after my own twin boys were born! How cool! One 5HBS is finished, and I hope to cast on for the second tonight. They are both less than 6.5 pounds, so perhaps they won't have outgrown the sweaters by the time it gets cold here. Hugs to ALL of you who continue to be SO supportive of my return to college. You all mean SO much to me... I always know you are there thinking about me and I FEEL it. LC

Saturday, July 31, 2004

it's all over but the finals

Thursday was the last day of classes for summer session. I am very thankful that I have a week to prepare for finals -- especially since I lost Friday being sick in the bed. I'm going to finish with the final chapter for Child Development tonight, and then review the three chapters once more on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, depending on how studying for WorldCiv goes. Best news, though, is that Thursday night I finished the baby's blanket without running out of thread! Just need to bury the ends and give it a quick wash. Am I weird for liking the wrong side? I so want to start knitting something new -- oh, and my reservation for DaVinci Code is available. Guess hubby gets to start reading it first! Enough for now, I suppose. LC

Thursday, July 29, 2004

i'm gonna be a zombie!

I've just got to give up eating pizza I guess... or at least not eat it two nights in a row. Went to bed about 11:30 last night and was quite uncomfortable and worried about getting sick here on the last day of classes. So far so good, but I woke up at 4:15am and could NOT go back to sleep. I finally got out of bed at 5:30 and started knitting on the baby's blanket. With no explanation of how the brain rambles from one connection to another, I found myself wondering, "does anyone play Rook any more?" Not that I necessarily want to play with a real person, though computer games do seem to have an unfair advantage. Anyway, didn't really find much on line. One shareware game that I'm half-afraid to install -- sometimes they come with lots of ad-/spy-ware and pure junk. One online game, but I don't really like to do that. Anyway, thought I'd pop a note here to say, I finished my second and final paper for psych yesterday afternoon. Will turn it in this morning. Maybe I can put another few rows on the blanket before I have to get a shower.  Only about 13 more rows. And now I'm hungry too. bah! LC

Friday, July 23, 2004

battin' 1000

We got our graded psych papers back yesterday and the only deductions on my grade were for APA style errors! One more test and one more paper (which I'm working on this weekend) and this one is finished. Although I'm anxious about getting all my work/reading done for WorldCiv, I'm trying to stay calm because there really is a lot of time before that final. Only about 16 more rows on the baby blanket to go. I still haven't heard if my cousin's twins have been born yet -- my biggest concern there is whether the 5HBS will fit them come cold weather here. I may just hold off on making the sweater(s)  -- but, I'd have to figure out (or ask around) about sizing the sweater because the directions are only in one size. There's a young woman we know in town who is also having a boy, but not until September, so I can always give her the one already finished. She so tiny, her baby may be small too. I have a plan to visit an elderly aunt, well, cousin actually (the one I mentioned on my birthday entry) in August; I don't think I have seen her in over 15 years. She tats. I have tried on a couple of occasions to learn, but never pursued it. There were always other things I was doing. But now, since I'm sort of giving up my 'small needle' arts, tatting may be something I can do without further injure to my hands. I feel like I need to keep doing something, as all the note-taking does make my hands hurt. Even the knitting and crocheting is a different repetitive task and helps. Tatting results in fine work -- which I love -- but holding the shuttle is not like holding a #26 Tapestry or #13 Beading needle!!  I think learning from an aunt will make it 'take' better than the exposure I've had in the past... she is frustrated that no one wants to learn and that it is a dying art. Weather is a little cooler today (at least at this hour). Yesterday was horrible on campus. Of course I wasn't feeling well all day and that didn't help.  Maybe we will have supper at the new Olive Garden this evening, since I have to go pick up a book for my paper that isn't in the library system. Happy Friday! LC  

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

purdee purfick

I guessed right: the psych professor threw out some questions and also curved the grades -- but, she also must have weighted grades for a few who did really well. I think that is great. The best news is that the 'final' is only covering the last couple chapters AND I managed to get my first paper turned in on time. I completed all the editing and APA formatting about 2:30am this morning. No, that's not right. It took me until then to get the durn thing printed!  Then it took me more than an hour to fall asleep. Amazing to me, I was inspired just about the time I lay my head on the pillow about the topic for the second paper, so that was another worry off my mind.  I have a somewhat euphoric feeling all afternoon. Seeing my son looking better than he did yesterday helped. Ya know that saying, 'if momma ain't happy, nobody's happy"? Well, if my boys aren't happy, I ain't happy. Have a special thought for them for me, will ya'll? I've been sending up a special request for each of them for this fall, and can use the help. Oh, more good news! My dear friend and her husband are finally headed home after his treatments. Now, if I would find out in the morning I have enough money in the bank to pay ALL the bills this month, my life would be pretty purrrr-fick. Heh, heh, heh. If my eyes will cooperate, I'll read some tonight and get some knitting time tomorrow. Only about 30 more rows on the baby blanket. Then I can make the second 5HBS for my cousin's twins. LC

Monday, July 19, 2004

surprise of the day

Notice how I haven't posted since I mentioned the 'big psych' test? Well, I worked hard but could not get caught up on all the reading before the test. I did review notes and 'looking back' sections of each chapter, but my eyes finally revolted at about 2am Thursday and I went to bed.   I took almost the whole time allowed for the test -- I finally just left because I had answered everything I could recall and still there were blanks. I was very disheartened, but knew I had no one to blame but myself. I got behind and couldn't catch up -- exactly what I have spent, oh, the last two to four years harping at my sons about.   Today I drove up to campus to meet with my professor about the paper that is due tomorrow. I was very anxious about it and she had offered in class to look over papers prior to due dates. It's not all right, but it's not all wrong either -- narrow the scope, correct the format, and I should be fine. She even mentioned she liked the topic.   One the way out, I asked if the test grades were posted. They were.   I can't believe I scored as high as I did: 91.5 !   (do you ever accidentally hit 'hot keys' see the program/whatever come up and wonder, now how did I do that so you can do it again on purpose?? I do.. just happened)   Now I'm curious to see what she has to say about the test in class tomorrow. There were three scores above 90 and two above 100 (there is always extra credit on her tests).  I can't imagine getting so high a score without some kind of adjustment to the test on her part.   Still -- I am please and very excited. And plan to be sure all reading is done before the final in three weeks. There are four more classes to cover three chapters, and fortunately, both my finals are at the end of finals week. On the same day, unfortunately, but at least two more study days.   Enough rambling... got the second printer installed to the laptop. The first one is really dying and I was embarassed enough to take the paper up there today printed from it.   later-taters!   LC    

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

sugar, spice, everything nice & pink

I'm a great auntie! At least, I hope I am... but what I really mean is that I have a brand new grandneice. Alaina Marie was born about 5:15pm EDT today, and as far as I know, mother and daughter are well. No photo at the hospital website yet; maybe tomorrow. The blanket is almost done and would be if I managed my study time better! B-I-G psych test tomorrow, so back to the books & notes... LC

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is the first day of the last year of the first half of my life. How's that for optimism?? And as a matter of fact, while my father was visiting me today, he mentioned that my Aunt Callie (who is really first cousin, once removed) will turn 99 in October of this year... so it just might be possible! It's been a quiet day. As I said, my father came to visit this morning, my sister called, as did my dear friend, Ann. Worked a little on my psych paper. I was going to go get a pedicure, but ended up napping instead. Maybe Friday; and a haircut. Mexican supper and flan instead of cake. Now we are watching Cold Mountain -- there was only one copy remaining at the video store. Lucky me, eh? So, happy birthday to me, and also to my moonsister, KiwiEllen! We are lucky indeed: 7/7 LC

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

O M G ! !

We finally got back our graded World Civ mid-terms --
I made a 91.5
-- which was rounded up to a 92! He didn't return them until class ended. I stuffed mine in my tote and didn't dare look at it until I got to the car. Guess I was afraid I would cry if I did badly. I couldn't believe that I did so well, though I wonder what I stated incorrectly or left out of my short answer on Siddhartha Gautama to lose one point. I do believe that he was generous on the essay grade -- I don't expect that will happen on the final. He will expect improvement, and plainly said so today. So far, so good, in both classes, in class-/homework and tests -- but there's far to go: three map tests and the final in World Civ; two tests and two papers in Psych. However, I couldn't have asked for a better pre-birthday present! As I'm writing this, I'm in the last four hours of my ?9th year of life. Maybe there's not as much "fluff 'n stuff" in this 'pooh-bear' brain afterall. I've also got my schedule all set for Fall: Spanish, two psych classes, Comparative Religion and either another psych or an English course. I told dear hubby tonight that I wish I could think of some where special to go tomorrow to celebrate, but we spent two of the past four days in New Orleans, showing his daughter, son-in-law and grandson the sights -- yes, THOSE too. It was hot as Hades, of course, but I think they had a wonderful time, and fortunately we had afternoon rains both days for a bit of relief in The Big Easy. We toured the French Quarter and the Garden District, introduced them to beignets, bar-b-qued shrimp, red beans and rice, K-Paul's Kitchen, pralines, breadpudding, sternwheelers, Bourbon Street, The Big Muddy,... just about everything but a swamp tour! They held up longer than we did; thank goodness Son#1 took over for Saturday evening's events. Unfortunately, I'm now behind on my studies (Classical Rome & Byzantium; Preschool physical & cognitive development) and will spend most of my birthday with my nose in the books (two tests and a paper due next week). As soon as the dryer shuts off, the clothes are getting folded and this bear is going to bed! with a smile on my face! LC

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Our favorite NASCAR driver was, well, actually, still is, Awesome Bill Elliot. Unfortunately he is not driving this year; I hesitate to say he has quit altogether, but that is probably the truth of things. We miss seeing him on Sundays. We just have to pay attention to the other 'good guys,' like Dale Jarrett.... so, notice the new graphic next to the moonphase image? It is also a link to the Race Fans for a Cure website where you can get merchandise for donations -- which are matched by Ford Credit -- to the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Fan & matching donations along with bonuses Ford contributes based on Dale Jarrett's pole and finishing positions have raised over $1,000,000. Seems I'd heard of Jarrett's association with this, but today he was driving not his main sponsor's UPS scheme car, but one covered with pink ribbons. The Fox Network announcers made some remarks about Race Fans for a Cure and, so, I went surfing, of course. And popped that pin graphic up there for ya'll. Remember a few entries ago I mentioned Nip/Tuck. Well, before the next episode (Tuesday @ 10pm EDT), I wanted to get caught up on the storyline, so, again, I went surfing. One of the most likely-looking hits, near the top of Google entries, turned out to be a parental television control group site, which has apparently been successful in forcing ALL the previous advertisers for this show to pull their spots. For the premire of the new season, there is only one advertiser supporting the whole show: XM Satellite Radio -- I'm tempted to purchase and subscribe just to spite the stupid PTC. One of the things that peeves me the most is their logo banner, "because our children are watching." What the heck kind of people let their children watch a show CLEARLY intended for adults, in a time slot when children should be in bed?? The problem, imo, is NOT with the show, but with the parents. Am I the only one who finds it ironic that they had extremely detailed synopses of every episode? Not only are they upset about the sexual content of this show, but also the graphic nature of the surgical procedures. Well, of course! Isn't it oh-so-much-better to gloss over the trauma of cosmetic surgery like The Swan and Extreme Makeovers??? I have a feeling they don't boycott or write letters to Discovery Health channel about the graphic nature of the surgeries they broadcast. So, I popped back there tonight, used their link to XM to send a support email, and the one to thank sponsors who bolted as an opportunity to tell PTC how silly I think they are being about this. Sorry. Enough of the soapbox.... The Sons and I attended orientation and fall registration at the college yesterday. I finished before them and joined the other waiting parents. Pulled out the baby blanket and got a couple color stripes finished while chatting with the moms before the boys joined me. At least the rain held off while we walked around campus. I think we'll all three be adjusting our schedules online in the next couple days though. Today is hubby's birthday. He got free dessert at the Mexican restaurant last night, but, sadly, there weren't enough waiters around to sing (oh, and we learned our little waiter is headed off to the military soon). Today I actually cooked: meatloaf. It rained (AGAIN) off and on all day (AGAIN). So tired of the rain, but I guess I shouldn't complain. Does make it difficult for hubby to mow yards though. For now, back to Ancient China, Confucius, Daoism, Legalism and all those wacky emperors, kiddies - by the way... little kitty nero seems to have developed a habit of, um, getting his jollies with my blue afghan... any one have any advice? LC

Thursday, June 24, 2004

no grade is a good grade so far

World Civ mid-term wasn't graded as of class this afternoon, which was short due to some severe weather outside and a somewhat ill professor inside. Turns out essay is 40% of grade. I'm pretty sure, as I've said, that I did well on the rest of the test, though 60% is hardly passing! I'll be saying prayers for a general 20% for my essay attempt and just keep trodding along. Speaking of the sever weather, I cannot believe the terrible drainage conditions on campus! My shoes were soaked. (I knew it would be raining today, so I didn't wear sandals' I got wet feet on Tuesday.) There was one parking lot where the ground angled down; the front of the cars were IN the water! If the one on the end didn't have water inside from around the driver's door, I would be very surprised. What a very wet day. My feet were freezing by the time I got home this evening... remember, I'm in south Mississippi and it is summer! I've got to quit going in at the library with hubby. Every time I pick up something to read -- and I don't have any spare reading time! Maybe once or twice a week I can take time from the books. Like right now, for I'm heading to bed with the latest offering from the Marion Zimmer Bradley people, i.e., someone writing up some of her stories of Darkover with their own. Last one wasn't very good, but as is often the case with me, I read for the story and not for the writing. I tolerate a lot of bad/poor writing to find out how the story goes. Then again, Angels & Demons is pretty interesting right now. I also picked up A Thousand Days in Venice (think that's the right title). Either way, I'm off to read myself to sleep (won't be hard), LC

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

when's a writer not?

I like to think of myself as an able writer -- among other things, of course. I don't claim to be good, but passable. Which is to say, I keep doing it, and, oddly enough, I enjoy reading most of what I've written. Always want to re-write or edit it, but I do reread; maybe that makes me not a writer. So can you appreciate my frustration at having to write an essay on-the-spot in less than, say, an hour or so? With no reference material, just my sieve-like brain to rely upon? I wrote about three over the weekend, while studying for my mid-term (world civ, which was this afternoon). I drafted and rewrote, I typed up and printed out, I reviewed and made margin notes. I was especially pleased with the one about India. Don't think it helped much this afternoon. At least the one which was on the test was the last one I had worked on, so it was freshest in my mind. Was I supposed to do memorize them? Note, there were three possible essay questions for the test, only one of which was actually on the test. I've known about this for weeks, we've worked through each of them in class -- they were really quite straightforward, so I can not figure out WHY I had such a problem. Best I can come up with is that I couldn't quite follow the logic, or maybe didn't agree with the premise of the questions -- each one seemed a bit of a stretch to me, misdirected even, perhaps. Why not ask the real question you want answered? Or worse, that I just can not keep enough in my mind to do it well without help, i.e., notes. Maybe just an old block against essay tests rearing its ancient head! Bah. Probably half the points or more on the test are from the essay (otherwise I think I did well); the test is 25% of the final grade. No more tests until the final, but lots of assignments; I've done well on those so far. I'll never make an A in this one, but I can try to hold on for a B. The good news is, I made a 93.25 on my child psych exam last Thursday! And... I've been able to get two-thirds of the baby blanket finished, knitting while I took much needed breaks from studying over the weekend. Have been relaxing this evening: my son invited me to supper before I left campus, caught up with some email and blogs, and I watched the Nip/Tuck season premier tonight -- what a strange show. I watch the story part, hubby watches the 'operations,' amazed by the realism. Back to the books tomorrow -- summer classes allow for little time off. The lesson I'm learning is pick your summer classes very carefully. And the laundry is piling up. Bless my husband's patient heart and soul! LC

Sunday, June 20, 2004

what goes 'round

oh my, isn't life funny? both my sister and my best friend from high school recently remarked how easily I was able to make good grades in school, how I didn't have to study, and how frustrated this made them each. my sister even said I would laugh at her when she tried to 'help' me study. this weekend son#2 comes in the back room to ask what I'm doing sequestered back there all day and night. I tell him I'm writing essays and studying. for not the first time since I returned to college, he laughed at me. later-taters, LC, whose memories of school are much different

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Panic is settling in

yup.yup.yup. Tests. Already! One --child psych-- on Thursday (TWO days!), the other a week from today (which will essentially be a mid-term, as it is the only test besides the final). And I'm beginning to feel quite overwhelmed with information I'm responsible for knowing. I'm doing fine so far on the WorldCiv homework, but it seems quite easy compared to what I am expecting on the test. It's been a long time since I have written essays, etc. Thanks to all; you continue to support and encourage me in this endeavor. Sadly, no knitting since Saturday. I really shouldn't even take this time to write and check email... so ta-ta-for-now, children. LC

Sunday, June 13, 2004

check'n in

Not much online time lately. I'm probably being compulsive about note-taking for my classes -- heh! I'll get over it, eh? Seriously, I think we'll all relax after the first test. Unfortunately first test in a summer class is generally the mid-term exam! I'm finally happy with my 5-hour baby sweater. I tore back the sleeves and did them in the round. The ones I want to make for cousin I want to use two-colors of wool, so will use this one to determine where I want the color changes. First I've got to get caught up for classes. Will take some pictures soon. So -- having checked the only remaining place possible for a skein of matching yarn for the baby blanket and not finding it -- I started the skein that is only one digit off. Good KIP and riding-along project. I noticed I hadn't posted kitty pictures lately, so I'll do that: First little Sasha, The Princess Who Would Be Queen And, of course, My Brickle-boy -- the contortionist?!?!? LC

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

And then there were five*

I happen to be a 'fan' of this president; you may not be. That's fine. I don't rag on anyone else; I hope to receive similar respect. I don't usually talk about politics with friends; mostly because it can, like discussing religion, cause hard feelings and disagreements. Still, we are about to experience in this country something which has not occurred for 30 years: a state funeral. It broke my heart when President Reagan disclosed he suffered with Altzheimers -- I'd feel the same for Bill Clinton, ironically, simply because I'm rather tender-hearted. I wish I could post a photo, but it's not right to take one from the news websites or remotely link. At the US Today website is this photo-essay. And if you would like to vote there, too, about putting Reagan on the $10 bill, you can do that here. One of the happy things I like to remember is that, because of him, we have the BLUEBERRY Jelly Belly jellybean! According to the Jelly Belly Candy Company: "Three-and-a-half tons of Jelly Belly beans were shipped to the White House for the Inaugural festivities. Blueberry, one of the most popular current flavors, was invented especially in honor of President Reagan's inauguration so he could have red, white and blue jelly beans at the festivities." Yikes! I sound so 'clueless.' Honestly, I do remember the BIG things -- but today, this week, I just want to think about the person. And pray for his family. No matter how difficult daily life was for his family, no matter how much they may have hurt to see him so changed, I know from experience, they would still rather have him with them yet. You never get over losing a parent. You never stop missing them. I'm sure it is even moreso for a beloved spouse. LC *living presidents: Carter, Ford, Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Short & Sweet, then to Sleep!

Goodness, I'm sleepy... I wanted to write a long chatty post about all that happened today, but am ready to go to bed, so I'll just say, all was 'fixed' when I got to Admissions today. I enrolled in Child Psychology and World Civ1. Those were two I knew I would need no matter how my transcript is evaluated. So, all is well. Vincent, or maybe some sweet little fae, is on duty. Even my student ID photo is not too terrible. ;) nities, LC

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Back-to-school Update

Not much of one though, really. Lots going on, but not much being accomplished. (Oh, how often do I sing THAT song!) On Tuesday, our plan was to head to USM early to meet with a very nice young woman in Admissions with whom I spoke first thing that morning. We had terrible storms and I couldn't get to my friend's house to use her FAX to send my transcript requests until after the worst had passed, so it was after lunch before we got to the college. I took along my transcripts; she made copies. Though I had completed an online application, it was missing information, so I had to complete a paper one, too. Then she sort of sent me on my way, telling me to call at 8am this morning to see if the FAXs from my requests had arrived. I was a little confused. It finally became clear to me that because I did not have anything from the University of Maryland, where I attended for part of one semester and withdrew, I could not register for classes. Some state law (I found that out today). Now, my transcripts are likely all archived, and so getting them takes longer. In fact, at UofMD it will take from 7 to 10 days. So, part of me is thinking that I'm not meant to take any summer classes. The other part is kind of upset. I mean, I understand. Sort of. How sad is it that they "can not just take [my] word for it" that I was not suspended or expelled, nor do I owe them money? Rodger laments that things are just too darn complicated. But, with simplicity can come limitations. With those irritating complications can come the options that make impossible things possible. It's a trade-off. My decision -- "lack of planning" -- at the last minute does not "constitute an emergency" for the people who provide the transcripts, right? Those who know me well can imagine what kind of emotional mood I was in this afternoon. I've been trying to find a silver-lining. And here is what it might be: the fact that it is apparently quite common for an LISMA *not* to have LIS as their BA major or minor! I already know that I will need an MA to really find a good position, and that is the general plan: to finish my undergraduate degree, and then get the master's degree. So, I went *back* to the catalog -- even checked the other college in the area -- to see how the numbers would look if I finished the psychology program that I began way back when. The picture is much brighter. More of my classes appear to work, and there are fewer have-to-have core requirement classes that I don't have right now (and would take more money and time than I had hoped to need). Going back to a BS in psychology takes off the schedule: a mandatory 18-hour minor 12 hours of foreign language 6 extra hours of history 3 extra hours of English 3 extra hours of Social Science Instead of needing 72 more hours, I could need as few as 66 (the extra 6 history and 3 English hours are offset by additional psychology course requirements)! Then 19 of my lost elective hours would actually count toward degree hour fulfillment instead of only 9. I think I like the freedom of choosing what more of my hours will be in the PSY BS than being dictated to by the LIS plan. I've probably not figured it all the way they will... the fewer of my hours they apply to degree requirements, the more they can force me to take there, the more money they make, right? Too cynical? Hmm.... we'll see. The low-down is that I never got to talk to the person who handles the archives at UofMD, so I don't know when my transcript will get to USM. I called Dad to see if perhaps he might have some old record of my withdrawal -- since he paid for it. I don't expect him to find anything. I was so ashamed of the whole ordeal I probably trashed the grade report and any other withdrawal paperwork I might have had years ago! The Admissions Counselor suggested that I go to Registrar, pick up and add-drop form and go to classes anyway next time it meets, explaining to the teacher that I am going to be in the class as soon as paperwork arrives. I'd *really* like to talk with an advisor before I start picking classes -- but there are a couple things I *know* I'll have to have no matter what, so I guess that's where I'll start. I can even limit the days I go to campus to two days a week -- a 'good thing' in these days of high gasoline cost. Going to bed; another early day tomorrow, LC

Pix, finally!

I bought another cable for my digital camera so now I can show you these! Ever wonder what is at the end of the rainbow? Well, take a look below: This one ended right in front of our truck, but no pot of gold for us. Guess the leprechauns don't like us.
My step-granddaughter's first birthday party was in early April. It just so happened it was one of the prettiest days -- actually quite hot -- the entire time we were up north: She may not have been able to figure out why we were all laughing so hard, but she enjoyed seeing everyone happy!
Dear husband didn't spend all his time like this: He actually worked very hard -- and was also very sick while we were at his daughter's. The cats were there to comfort. Can you see all three of them? Baloo is on the ottoman; Tread is in the chair; Sweet Pea, aka Phlegm, is on the sofa with hubby.
Although it was FREEZING cold for most of the time we were there, the lilacs were blooming when we headed for home. I really miss the lilacs, so you're getting a HUGE photo:
(Vegans be warned... you might want to skip the next photo.) Here's the main course from the reunion last Saturday. (this one I didn't leave full size) Now that I have my cable, I'll be taking some photos of my recent knitting. LC

Monday, May 31, 2004

Need a little hand holding

[I posted this on a forum I frequent -- well, not so much lately, but my sweet beady-sisters are mostly all there -- seemed easier just to cut & paste it here and edit a bit than retype it all again.]
Those of you with whom I have been emailing lately, or who read my blog, know that my two sons are entering their junior year of college in a few months. I'm excited for them, envious even, embarking on this new part of their life, and at the same time, a little sad. I didn't think I'd have any 'empty nest' feelings, but I guess someone reading this might say that is what is going on..... Over the years I have thought often about returning to college to finish my BA. Usually I didn't give it any more than a thought: too expensive, too far away, too much to do, too much work - - I was working hard enough raising twin boys! However, in the last few years, I have considered it more seriously. Then about two weeks ago I had a dream that I did it. Since then I've been trying to find my transcripts (hoping my old GPA was higher than I suspected, LOL). Yesterday evening, frustrated that I still hadn't found my paperwork, I opened the university catalog and started looking at degree requirements. It was early this morning when I put away the pencil, paper and book. I didn't stay long in bed though. I was up unusually early for me, cleaning house and trying to decide what to do and how to go about doing it. Just now I finally found the last of the transcripts. My suspicions were right -- shouldn't have goofed off so much that last semester! I'm ready to submit my application and have the faxes ready to send for transcripts. My worry is that everything is TOO OLD. Does anyone know about things like this? Tam and I were IM'ing earlier today, and she encouraged me (of course!), saying perhaps the fact that I did already have a degree (Associate of Arts for my two years) would be to my advantage and there would not be any time limit on the value of my credit hours. So, while I fidget until the morning when I can call Admissions and get some answers, I ask that if you think of me in the morning maybe that will not only help my nerves, but be enough positive energy for everything to work out nicely. I went about 24 hours without eating overnight and today... which I shouldn't do because it plays havoc with my digestion, and anxiety has a habit of triggering other unpleasant conditions. I've been nervous about telling/asking dear husband... I hardly got the words out of my mouth, "What would you think about me going back to school," "GO FOR IT!!" he exclaimed as I finished, "if it doesn't cost too much?" "Doesn't matter," he said as flatly as I've ever heard him say anything! That was a great relief. What a sweetheart! I feel better getting it all said. If you read this far, thanks bunches and here's something just for you! I'll write about the knitting later, maybe. LC

Saturday, May 29, 2004

5HBS FO - almost

What a nice day I have had, even though it did begin at 5:50am! Nothing like an FO to improve the spirits. Our Brent family reunion was today. I only found out about it a week ago, so for us it was quite last minute. DH and I discussed it; he didn't really want to go. It was a 4-hour drive and gas is so high. He also strained his back working this week, so I had resigned myself to not going. However, my father called me early this morning to say his wife wasn't feeling up to going, and ask did I want to ride along with him. I don't get to spend a lot of time with Dad, so I jumped right up and showered. Remember I said I didn't have any riding knitting? I thought about this as I was showering and knew just what to do. I quickly printed out the 5-Hour Baby Sweater and also the Hot Damn Afghan and a message from Laura Lake on Knitlist (05/02/04) for what she called Hot Diggity Baby Afghan -- nothing like being a month behind on the digests. Then I grabbed two balls of pink/white Paton's Carolina (cotton-acrylic blend), two balls of Cottontrica (also cotton-acrylic) in "Silver Plum," pale lavendar with a white twist, and four balls of the Debbie Bliss Merino Aran I bought in San Antonio last February: two in a darker blue, one in a pale one. Dropped it all in a tote with two pair of circulars and a set of DPs, along with a couple of magazines. Dried my hair, threw on something cool, got extra clothes in case of whatever, took my pills and was at the door when Dad arrived -- 15 minutes early. LOL! I rode for a while, chatting with Daddy, before I pulled out my needles, the dark blue wool and the 5HBS pattern. Some how I kept making simple counting errors and wasn't making too much progress, but I plodded along. First big mistake was trying M1 instead of increase in the knit stitch. Finally noticed the plainly stated instructions above the 'cast on 34 stitches' which specifically said to knit in the front and back of the stitch! Then next problem was "insert needle under the next horizontal loop of row below (between sts) and knit this st." It too me FOREVER to realize this was a M1!! I thought it was quite ironic, giving my trying to use the M1 before! Once I got beyond that, all was well, except for my miscounting. I had finished down through the yoke and one sleeve, and had begun the second sleeve when we arrived at the reunion. It was outside at a lovely park alongside the Mississippi River, so I left the wool knitting in the car! Later, we moved from the park to a home, and there I took in my knitting. I had thrown in the acrylic and the extra needles so I would be prepared to if anyone remarked about wanting to learn to knit. No one did. Someone did say, "there's a woman who knows how to make use of her time." Two women mentioned they used to knit, and one more said she only knitted in the winter. My dad bragged that I had just begun the sweater on the trip; I told them it was supposedly a 5-hour sweater, but it had been a 4-hour drive and I was wasn't half finished. One woman asked if it was the first time I had made it, to which I replied, "Yes." "Well," she said, "it doesn't count, then." I thought that was a sweet thing to say. I just hope no one though I was being rude -- especially my dad. OH! You may wonder why the 5HBS. Well, seems my first cousin and his wife are expecting twins boys in July. I thought I would make sweaters and small afghans for them. I wouldn't normally make wool sweaters for babies, just for the care factor, but it will be good, I think, to use wool for these. Just seems right. Makes them a bit more special, perhaps? Dad seemed to think my cousin would appreciate the hand-knit sweaters. I hope so. Not everyone does. He is a neurologist -- what can *I* buy him! Well, by the time we were almost home, I had run out of the 100g of darker blue wool and I still had a couple more rows of garter stitch, along with the cast off row to do. I really don't want to start another ball of yarn, so I will take back to the stockinette and remove a couple rows then finish it IAW the directions. I did enjoy the FO factor of this pattern. I think that on the next one I will work the body, then come back and work the sleeves (perhaps in the round). I also want to try some colorwork. That same message from Laura Lake pointed me to this video-clip of Two-Handed Fair Isle. I want to try this method and make the ones for my cousin's babies a little more special. We aren't close, but the twin thing is rather an intersting happenstance. LC

Friday, May 28, 2004

Have I a disease?

Surely I must. Did I spend today knitting? Of course not. I spent the day searching online for two different yarns. One was Trendsetter's Blossom. I would need 4 (or maybe 6 if I got two colors so I could play) balls, for a child's hooded poncho. The yarn is $11 to $13 per ball, when you can find it, as it seems to be an older yarn. Now if only I could find it on clearance somewhere, I just might consider it. Guess the kids will just get some 'nice' acrylic from Hobby Lobby or Michael's. Hey, are ponchos okay for little boys?? The other is Schachenmayr Nomotta's Catania for the shadow-knitted top in the June Knit 'n Style. I went to Royal Yarns' website, looked through the colors, and picked four to substitute for the blue, aqua and orang-y ones in the model -- I chose violet, fushia, khaki (which is more green than brown), & apple. It's only $3.99/137yd ball from Royal, they also have the size3 bamboo circular needle I need, and a $5.00 off coupon from joining their email list -- but, do I really want to invest $32.00 in a top? Can you tell I'm cheap?? It's not really that I'm cheap. I can spend with the best of them. I worry that, (1) I won't finish the top, (2) it won't fit me, (3) I won't like wearing it. I'm more likely to buy the cotton than the poly -- I have a real problem paying so much for synthetic yarns. Anyone else feel that way? Hubby and son#2 are watching Kill Bill (1). I'm trying not to watch; even the sound effects are disgusting. Story seems good, but way too much gore for this squeamish lady. If I hadn't already had some wonderful flan from our local Mexican restaurant for dessert, I'd go get some ice cream. LC

no knit, cats, beads, or kids

Just a 'quickie' before I head off to bed... this is the third night up late, um, early, whatever. Between Benedryl making me sleepy during the day and drinking tea at night, I'm really out of sorts and way off schedule, even for me! No knitting. I have no 'riding' knitting at the moment, and today was errand day. Well, morning. The Benedryl put me to sleep on the way home, and once here, the sofa grabbed me for the afternoon. BUT, I didn't drink any tea since noon, so maybe I can get to sleep tonight easily. I tweaked around with the blog tonight, redoing a lot of what I did last night that I thought I had saved and hadn't when I clicked on "Clear Edits." What a dopey gal I am sometimes. I still can't get the title and the main column to line up -- I know it is in the padding and margin entries of the template, but I can't seem to find the proper settings. Nor can I get the sidebar to be even with the right edge of the main column. Only little things, I know, but they bother me. Still trying to decide whether to make do with my aluminium needles or splurge on the bamboos for the Striped Go Round top. Oh! And if anyone sees Blue Sky's Alpaca & Silk balls on sale (or wants to de-stash), I would love to have a few more. The color would be Ice, and I don't care about the dye lot. now to sleep and perchance to dream... but not of those knitted boobies, I hope! LC

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


My goodness, I wish I could knit as fast as others seem to; like Rachael! I barely managed to get a 5"x6" swatch of the hemp yarn done last night -- and part of that I did the night before!! I did put a few more inches on the Rose Petal Vest that night, too, though. Tomorrow I will do as Lana suggests: block my swatch before I decide which needle size I prefer. Guess it's a good thing I don't have (and couldn't find today) the circular needles for the Stripes Go Round top. If I did, I know I would put the vest aside for who knows how long! It's not a project I can tote around because it uses four yarns and I like them spread out beside me on the sofa, so I can keep them untangled. The hemp top will be the same; it also uses four colors. I did find the size 2 Boye tips that I can connect to a cable I already have, but I'd really like to use bamboo circulars. I did wind another hank of the hemp last night and it was easy-peasy. Amazing how well things work when you do them right and pay attention. And the best news of the day is that Son#2 finally made a decision about university. I felt like a heavy weight had been lifted. I didn't realize I was stressing so about it. Both sons will be attending USM. Their first assignment is to get me a "USM Mom" window decal for my truck! USM has a lot more 'extras' and if he -- well, both -- make use of them, it will be a great two years. I would love to see Son#2 come out of his shell a bit. He used to be a very outgoing young fellow; somewhere along the time he went to public school (after 8 years of homeschooling), he became quite introverted... ah, well, that's enough of mother-musing... Did I mention I envy them? I've been listing a few books at, so pop in and take a look, if you like. There will be more and more; I have hundreds of my mother's paperbacks, hard-to-find oldies and never-read new ones -- well, as of 1999, when she passed. Historical romance was her preference. Mine is fantasy/science fiction and I'll be adding my duplicates and won't-read-again copies, too. I'll add a link on my sidebar for future reference. nities, LC

Monday, May 24, 2004

Poor Planning

My hemp yarn arrived today from Lanaknits in Canada. It was mailed just last Wednesday, and I must say I am surprised it arrived so quickly. I don't quite know what I expected from the yarn. Just to look at it, I can't imagine being able to knit an entire top from the amount I purchased. Still it is very fine in diameter. Took me a while to get one skein balled, but that was my fault. I let it get mussed when I began. It does seem more difficult to ball than other yarns; might be worth the extra cost to buy the balls next time. After supper, I pulled out the size 3US needles and started to swatch. I was using Susan Bates Quicksilver and felt like it was all slipping away from me. Then I tried some size 2s; they were plastic, but a little sticky feeling. Sort of gripped the yarn better; but then I had to push it along more. I liked the feel of the 'fabric' with the size 2s, but get gauge with the 3s. Wish there was a size 2.5US/3mm! If it wasn't for the Stripes Go Round pattern being worked circularly, I'd try using one of each. What I may do is go up a pattern size and try the 2s. Will need to do a little math first I think -- my worry would be running out of yarn. Of course, silly me didn't think to check if I HAD any 3s (or 2s) in circular while I was waiting for the yarn to arrive. Guess it is just as well; I should work more on the vest. Yes, the vest is going better. It's not much like the pattern in the magazine, as I am knitting the "A" thread (Paton's Divine) *with* the "B" thread (Bernat's Boa) and then knitting the "C" thread (a rayon boucle) *with* the "D" thread (LB's Fun Fur) -- obviously making use of things in my stash instead of buying the called for yarns -- so the vest is a lot more dense than I think the model in the magazine. For the Divine, I went down to size 6 needles to get gauge. I finally got about seven inches of the back finished before I went to bed this morning. Only have to go to nine to start the armhole shaping, so that's not too bad. It will most likely be too big for my stepdaughter though and that really bothers me. I knew I should have made it just a little bit smaller!! Well, back to it... LC

Sunday, May 23, 2004


Damn! I know... anyone with any true 'knitting' sense would have KNOWN the pattern was wrong. Unfortunately, I'm just not that good at it. The pattern instructions for the back chevron section were backwards... not k2tog, k to center, increase in next two stitches, k to last two stitches and k2tog... increase, k2tog, increase!!! At least the correction is on the website already, but damn! I had three inches done!! There's a curse on this yarn. I swear there is. Of course, I'm not going to bed until I at least get it started the RIGHT way...... LC

Saturday, May 22, 2004

If Wishes were Horses

Beggars would ride. Early this morning, I got to the end of the skein of light pink yarn in the baby's blanket, so I put it away until I can get to the Hobby Lobby in Slidell to check for the same lot number. With gas as high as it is, I'm limiting my driving. So on Monday, I'll call for my annual mammogram, then do that and a couple other things all at once. If I can't find the same dye lot, I'll just make do with the skein I found in Hattiesburg's HL which was ONE digit off! The baby isn't due until mid-July, so I think I still have time to finish it. My hemp yarn isn't here yet. I was getting anxious until I remembered it is coming from Canada. So, boo-hoo, I couldn't start on that today. Anyone else doing Lana Hames' Stripes Go Round? I have Deep Sea Blue, Cinnamon, Aubergine and Traditional Hemp ordered for it. I still hadn't looked at the INKnitter's or the Knit 'n Style magazines I bought earlier in the week, so I did that this afternoon. Oh, if I could only knit faster. I bet there are a dozen things I'd like to try in them: From INKnitters: The weaving in 'ladders' looks like an interesting way to embellish knitting; I like the 'surprise pocket' idea, too. Want to make the "Shadow Lace Vest," try sock like in the Dawn Brocco article, and maybe play with ruffles a bit. Then Knit 'n Style: Rachael's great looking tank makes me think about trying the Ribbed Tank or the Batz Sleeveless Top. [That Levant Top makes me wish I was about 18 again! LOL] There's two more pretty lacey things, one a cardigan; one a pullover. And I'd like to swatch the pattern stitches in the sampler top. I was intrigued by the article on 'Illusion' or 'Shadow' knitting in INKnitters, but not enough to try the pattern (or even swatch). I'm a word pattern person, never done charts. But the one in Knit 'n Style, the goldfish one... THAT I want to make!! Will have to look up the yarns and find a suitable substitute. Knowing that I really shouldn't start anything new, I went to find a WIP. Came across the bag with the capelet I made after taking apart the shawl that I was suppose to make for stepdaughter#2 for Christmas. I was never happy with it in either incarnation. I remembered the Rose Petal Vest in K'nS. I went down to size US6 to get gauge (knowing I tend to knit loose) and am rolling right along. I'm not sure whether I'll add other yarns as in the pattern -- -- what do I do with the garter stitch yarn (A) through the center section when using the B,C,D yarns??? Just carry it a long?? Hm... guess I will have to look that up. Haven't done *that* either -- -- but I really like the styling of the pattern and hope it will work well with the Paton's Divine yarn. It is the Richest Rose color. Okay. Back to the knitting. Ciao! LC

Thursday, May 20, 2004


Took #2Son on a campus visit today. Small college - 1800 students; beautiful campus - 120 acres; great scholarship offer - up to $5300/yr; large dorm rooms - NON-coed. I was surprised when he said he wants to check the larger university too. Their non-scholarship cost is a bit more than the one we visited today (less scholarships), and the course requirements differ just a bit. It's up to him. But I know which one I'd choose! Yup. I envy my sons. Here they are, 19 years old, headed off to their last two years of college, away from home... a brand new phase of their lives just beginning. Shoot, yeah, I envy them. And for all the headaches and heartaches to come for them, I wish it was me. Problem is, of course, I'd want to know what I know now! I was thinking today about how I seem to feel sad a lot more in the recent years. Is it part of getting older? Think about how many times older folks look so sad. I wonder how often it is wishing to be young again. To have it all ahead instead of behind. We humans do seem to get more out of anticipation, than achievement sometimes. As for that, it is even true with knitting and such. The planning and accumulating yarn, pattern -- and time! And then the UFOs begin to pile up. Unfortunately, I had to drive today -- what a lot of wasted knitting time. I've gotten really spoiled having hubby drive everywhere. Am trying to keep working on the blanket while I read KnitList, and anxiously awaiting my hemp yarn. The bad news is that I think I left the cable for my digital camera in Maryland, so I can't get pictures from it to my hard drive! Guess I'll have to see if a replacement costs more than it will to mail the forgotten one to me. LC

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Half an Empty Nest

One down; one to go! She says trying to act happy With #1Son away from home working and living his own life, his moving out is not much of a change. He just doesn't come home at night, or call to tell me he's on his way. Guess I expected some big good-bye scene or something, but there was none. Real life is so much different than we expect it will be, huh? So. He's on his own. Sort of. And, he seems to have turned out all right, in spite of me. As to knitting, I was able to deliver the finished poncho for my step-granddaughter when we got to Maryland in early April. Here it is: I didn't get a picture of her in it yet, but her mother says she looks adorable in it and loves to play with the pom-poms. Such a sweeties, both of them: I got to spend a good many mornings with her while Mommy went to work. I also finished the cropped top (based on the Shapely Tank Top from WhiteLies) -- AND my taxes!! -- before I left on vacation, too: On the needles, the Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer. I'm almost half finished now, but here is a shot of the first two strips: It's just Red Heart's TLC Baby in Light Rose Sparkle (discontinued color) and Pale Pink Sparkle. I could only get a hold of one skein of the Light Rose, so I worked up half the skein, broke the thread and continued with just the Pale Pink. Will pick it up again and repeat the stripes on the other end. Baby is due in July, so I'm in good shape. While I was gone, I worked on a sweater in Lion Brand's Lilac Microspun: Coral Shells from Knitters Spring 2004. I like the 'Lacy Seashell' pattern of the knitting and the way it draped, but wanted a totally different style! Figures. It's a pull-over; I want a cardigan. It's got long sleeves; I want them three-quarter. It's drop-shoulder; I want fitted sleeves, or a circular/raglan yoke. So, I have the sleeves and the body done up to the underarms and now everything is on hold until I figure the next step. Coming up? Well, I just ordered (and it's already on its way) 12 skeins of hemp from Lana Hames of Lanaknits I saw her "Stripes Go Round" in the new (Summer 04) Interweave Knits and went straight to the website to get some. Am very anxious to try this yarn, so am working hard to finish the baby blanket before it gets here. Still have the new INKnitters and Knit 'n Style mags to look through, and over a month of digests from KnitList to read... gotta get some kind of voice recognition set up on my 'puter so I can read email without putting down the needles. LC

Monday, May 03, 2004

Time Flies

Forty-six days! Wow. I can't believe it's been that long since I posted something here. The last thirty-five of those days we were away from home, visiting family in WV/MD/PA. It was a good trip, but we are quite happy to be home. The house was a bit of a wreck -- Sons tried, but there was still lots to aggravate a mom. Having spent lots of time in both my stepdaughters' homes, all I can see tonight is how dirty my house is and how much 'deep' cleaning needs to be done. I'm a horrible housekeeper. There are always so many more interesting things to be doing besides cleaning. But at least for now I have some incentive: stepdaughter and family are visiting in late June. We are hoping to get all those things done we have been procrastinating over. Fingers crossed, LC

Thursday, March 18, 2004


I love this time of night: windows are open, the breeze is light, but the streets are quiet. Everyone else in my house is asleep. The three cats are dozing around me. The X-Files is on (volume low) as I am knitting on the hood of a poncho for my little step-granddaughter. I have the most peaceful feeling. Usually at least one other person is up this time of night, so I don't get enough of these kinds of late nights any more. I miss them, and I wonder if that makes me selfish. Is it selfish to prefer the quiet? Or to enjoy solitude? Surely not. I am sure that those who live alone (not by choice) would tell me that if I lived totally alone, I would crave the company and noise of other people. Perhaps. I certainly don't envy a widow, for example; greener grass and knowing what you've got before it's gone. And unlike many women, I enjoy the company of my husband; he is my friend and companion as well as my spouse. Generally speaking, I enjoy the company of my nearly-grown sons, too -- though like most parents there are times they drive me bonkers. I've always felt that contentment comes from within. I spent many, many night like this in the past. My husband going off to bed early before he retired from his job; children in bed early, too. I had long quiet evenings to stitch and read. As the boys got older, they stayed up later, my evenings either got shorter, or I stayed up later (usually the latter). Now even dear hubby stays up later with me -- and that is a nice change from all those years of being awake many hours after he went to bed -- and the boys keep their own weird hours (one is a nightowl like his mother). For whatever reasons, I'm not usually alone at 11:00pm. So, I'm going off to enjoy a couple hours of quiet knitting... sweet dreams, LC

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Pictures, Finally

Hats, hats, hats! This is the Floppy Brim Hat. There are two sets of rows of reverse stockinette at the edge of the brim; I will add some seed bead embellishment there before sending it to a friend of mine in AK. I used part of a ball of Heirloom "Breeze" -- a very soft cotton/wool/lycra blend. Love this yarn. The four caps are for the 'men' in my step-daughter's family. Very late Christmas gifts. They are all made with LB Wool-Ease from my mom's stash. The last is LB Woolspun in navy, just a roll-brim cap. I think it is going to a friend in MD, or maybe my SIL. Sweet Jackie ES wrote me back this morning about the Juliet cap. I really appreciate her taking time to help me. Looks like I will back the needle size down and try again. Must take pictures of the finished pieces I mentioned yesterday.... find my missing WinME cd.... and all those other mundane chores piling up on top of umteen loads of laundry. LC

Tuesday, March 16, 2004


[Well.. all my photos seem to have disappeared off the server. I will try to get is resolved as quickly as possible.] I popped in to finish updating on a couple more FO... the poncho for my grandneice, and my cropped top. Guess it will have to wait until I fix the problem with MSN. Doesn't seem to be just me as the photos for Bead Art Forum are 'missing' as well. Whatever. I spent all afternoon swatching. I'm really frustrated. I want to make this, Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer and Laura Anderson's Scalloped Juliet Cap. I have a varigated rayon I bought in a large hank from a Knitswapper. I really don't know what weight/type. The pattern gauge is 3.5" over a 12-stitch modified feather-and-fan pattern. They used Heritage Cotton Chenille on size 7US and Heirloom Easycare 12 on size 10US. I've had to go to 10.5US to get gauge... it's really loose and rather uncomfortable to knit. I'm going to keep going for a bit; maybe it will work out all right. I think I need some more satisfying knitting for the rest of the evening, so I can read some blogs... I may just cast on for another poncho; a different pattern, this one from Family Circle Easy Knitting Fall 2002, #38. I've got some pretty baby boucle I'll try the pattern on. Sorry about the photos. LC

Friday, March 12, 2004

Husbands & Wives, Weddings & Marriages

Lots going on around me, knit and otherwise. First thing to come to my mind this morning was that 27 years ago today I got married -- the first time. Unfortunately, I was divorced three and a half years later. The image in my mind though was this one:

With me is a precious little girl for whom I had been babysitting for years. She is now a grown woman with three children of her own. I haven't seen her in a long time, but stay in touch through the grapevine of parental email and annual Christmas cards. She is, like me, a MoonChild... all starry-eyed and romantic over a big fancy wedding. If only the wedding made the marriage.

I have been spending a fair amount of time helping my sons find scholarships for which to apply. They are finishing up their last semester at community college and now the "big bucks" are required.

Still, I have gotten a fair amount of knitting done lately... and since I finally found the cable for my digital camera (it had fallen behind a lapboard I keep behind the end table by the sofa -- cat's knocked it off... big surprise!), I can post photos again.

Let's see..... I posted on Feb 20 that I had just finished a sock. It was the child's sock pattern from Bernat's Hot Sox wrapper. Here it is:

And on MY foot?

Nope, I don't have tiny feet either; usually a size 7.

When I saw how big the leg/heel/foot part was, I just extended the length so it would fit me. However, it is all frogged now. I didn't really care for the way it felt enough to finish the second one and actually wear them. The fabric stretched too much to be comfortable (if that makes any sense). Will try again with smaller needles. I sure thought I was on gauge, but the yarn is so soft, and my tension was just too loose I guess. I don't know. I was just pleased that I could follow the pattern and actually make a sock!

Now, this hat is something with which I'm rather pleased:

I made it for a dear friend's husband; they celebrated their first anniversary on Feb 15th (my mother's and her grandmother's birthday -- um, two women, not the same woman). I just love him, not only because he's such a great guy, but he has made my friend very happy. We keep them in our prayers.

There are three bands of garter and then a doubled brim. I used a discontinued yarn from Berella called Muskoka. It's a washable, 100% wool -- extremely soft and wonderful to knit, in my opinion. It was the only ball I had; found in a clearance bin at Hobby Lobby. Wonder why it was discontinued?

Ignore that hanging thread; I hadn't woven the end when I took the photo. But, look at that long, curly hair on my dear hubby.... he's got hair most women would kill for. Second time was a charm for us both: 23 years this coming October! And we were married at the county courthouse.

Seems a good place to stop. I'll catch up on posting my other photos later tonight or Sunday. Heading to Jackson tomorrow for our Embroiderer's Guild meeting. I'm teaching Smyrna Cross stitch and continuing our WIP canvas piece, Spring Landscape. I haven't put in a single stitch on mine since last month!