Sunday, May 04, 2008

ah . . .

a guilt-free Sunday!

Tomorrow begins finals week, but my exam was a paper due tonight at midnight. I submitted it (electronically -- I love the Web) last evening about 6:45 pm, and IM'd a classmate all I wanted to do was read fiction for a week! (Mini-session class begins on the 12th.)

Today began with mid-morning breakfast with my DH, a quick stop for groceries and prescriptions was followed by a short nap and then a visit to the library book sale. (Found myself a hardback copy of the Artist's way for a buck, among a few other prizes.) But, I did get to read some fiction today, The secret of jin-shei, by Alma Alexander. I'm only five chapters into it -- about 36 of 488 paes; not sure I'll stick with it, but so far it's at least interesting, so I'm giving it a chance. Not long ago I read Mistress of the spices by Chitra Divakaruni, and enjoyed it; should probably try to find some more of her books. Really, though, I only have a few days to indulge in fiction, then it's back to scholarly articles and textbooks.