Sunday, October 31, 2004

Conclusion: Never try to use the 'magic scarf' pattern(s) with a fuzzy yarn. I was in a store across from the campus last week and saw a fuzzy scarf. One of those tube-types that you can pull long and skinny or open up and wear like a hooded cowl. I stood and counted (approximate) the number of stitch around, thinking I would make these with my Patons Cha-Cha stash as Christmas gifts. Before I began I did some looking around online at the various patters for something like this. I estimated about 100 stitches in the one I saw in the store, but it seemed way too big, and so I backed down to the 68 stitches found in an online pattern. First note to self: always use odd number. To be fair to myself, however, I didn't intend to drop the stitches... I thought it would just... well, never mind. It didn't. Second note to self: don't use cable cast-on. I'm on my second one and still haven't determined the perfect cast-on for this project. Long-tail with one yarn-over between each cast-on stitch is not it... I'm leaning toward invisible with two yarnovers between each loop for the third attempt. As my conclusion, my solution is to drop those stitches as I go. When I was tediously dropping the stitches in my first attempt, wonder wasn't the process basically the same as adding a yarnover between each stitch and then dropping it on the next row? So that's what I'm doing on this second try. It does, however, take more attention than just knitting away and then dropping the stitches, i.e.,: *k, yo, drop yo from previous row.*. I believe the key is a mantra, of sorts. Either "stitch, wrap, drop," or "wrap, drop, stitch," being sure to double check that you are always stitching into a knit-stitch and dropping a yarnover!! It is sort of 'loosey-goosey' and the first couple rows are the most tedious, but seems to be rolling right along now. Biggest problem is finding a 'safe' place to stop/put it down! And what I'd really like to know is how the one I saw in the store can be so, so skinny with so many more stitches?? Will update with success or frustrations. Happy Halloween to everyone! LC

Thursday, October 14, 2004


I see by moonphases that is is new moon -- it's a toss up as to my favorite: new or full moon. There's just something about that teeney-tiny sliver up in the sky, especially when there's the warm glow of sunset still in the western sky, that makes me smile and feel all contented inside. Classes are fine, excellent in fact. Doing unbelievably well in statistics, of all things! Falling a little behind in espanol, but I should be able to catch up by next Wednesday, when our first typed composition is due. We have fall break Monday & Tuesday. I have an accumulating list of topics I'd like to write about -- um, not for espanol, just THINGS I need to get our of my head and/or off my chest -- and no time to write about them. I am one-fourth finished with the baby blanket, but it's too heavy to carry around on campus, so I'm hunting something else to work on. Most of my other projects are also too big. Guess it's time to get back to watchcaps or baby sweaters. Although, I REALLY want to make myself a sweater with the alpaca I bought last year... but still haven't really found the right pattern. And I'd like to reproduce this crocheted poncho I bought. It's from some rather fine silky thread, simply pattern, just a matter of getting started. It would be small, not too heavy and easy to work on between classes. later taters, hubby is waiting to head out to a tool sale... LC

Saturday, October 02, 2004

more grades

    I've had three exams since Ivan roared through just east of us -- he surely did me a favor: two of the three were postponed a few days giving me more study time. How very egocentric of me.     Yes, two of them were the ones I was whining about last week, Personality Psych and Comparative Religion. And I did as well as I hoped and better than I thought, getting Bs in both. For some reason 19/25 isn't the C my calculator says it is -- but you won't see me arguing it with the professor! I think I'll know how to do better on the next one... same with religion. I hope. Still, I'd rather write more completely on fewer items than have to rush through and do a poor job on more questions.     The third exam was Spanish. I had hoped (and sort of expected) to make an A and I did. A low one, but still, pretty good for first test (which are apparently standardized throughout the department -- now *that* seems like compulsive micro-management to me).     Today has been weird. Wyrd, even. Slept late, felt sleepy all day and dozed a couple times... started to go to bed because I was sleepy again, and discovered it was only 8:30pm! This will not do. I have studying to do. I have knitting to do. I have yoga to do. I have pleasure reading to do.     And the good news of late is that isn't closing after all, so I have many, many books to add to my inventory.     Which leads me to the bonanza we found last night at a local salvage-type store: about half the stock of a Books-A-Million store from Florida at 40% off! I put back most of my selections after DH found high-quality coveralls -- he's a true hillbilly at heart and I lurve him -- at about 75% off retail, as I do try to budget our foray's into "Treasure Hunt," especially when I can just as easily get from the library about a half dozen of those I decided not to buy.     One of the books I did buy is "Mindful Knitting: Inviting Contemplative Practice to the Craft," by Tara Jon Manning. Have only read the preface and introdution so far. Another one was a slo-cooker cookbook DH wanted, and another a gift for Son#2.     I'll be going back in a few days to plunder some more. I'm hoping to find Christmas presents and also a GRE preparation guide, just to get a feel for whether I could do well enough to make it worth my time. LC