Monday, September 27, 2004

some days

you just want your mommy!     And today was one of those days. For the second time in two (class) days, I have failed to be able to completely finish an exam in the time allowed. It wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't known the material so well! Simply defining the terms was not adequate: "tell me all you know about it," "include examples from the lectures, films and readings." No problemo... I used to hate these kinds of tests, but I don't any more. There were 14 terms to be done in 50 minutes. That's about 3.5 minutes per term. Right.     Now, to simply define terms that would be plenty of time, but we were told again and again that was not sufficient.     By the time I got to my car -- it was my last class for the day -- all I wanted to do was to be able to pick up my phone and call my mom.     Unfortunately, heaven isn't in my calling plan.     I drove straight home, and would have ditched my dance class and crawled into bed for a good long nap if I hadn't found DH in the shower getting ready to head to the coast for the evening. I also knew that it would be better for me physically and emotionally if I went to dance class (and had a good dinner beforehand).     So, here I am back home. Not sure I feel so very much better, but DH let me vent all the way to the coast (I didn't dare try to knit), and a little exercise is always a good thing. I also talked to Son#1. He had to go to traffic court for a bogus ticket this afternoon. I suppose I was more concerned for him over it than I realized, for I felt a good bit lighter in the heart after we spoke: both charges were dropped. He had all his documents in order and I'm sure made a good impression. I felt a little guilty for not being there to support him, but perhaps it was as it should have been. He is 20 years old, afterall.     I hope to get a good night's rest and put today behind me, as I have my first Spanish test on Wednesday. (I think) I'm in pretty good shape, but I need to work on verb conjugations and pronouns, and review "paises y capitols."     Buenas noches, LC

Friday, September 24, 2004

quiet afternoon

    It seems much later in the day than it actually is when I come straight home from campus after classes. After rising before 6AM, I'm always surprised how much of the day is still left when I get home at 3PM. And today, DH is working on someone's lawn, so it's just me and the cats for a while. Of course, this is serious nap time for the three of them (and often is for me as well but I'm trying to stay awake this afternoon).     I want to say thanks for the few who faithfully stop by and check in on me. I've been neglecting my blog a bit this month, but I hope to be better. As for knitting, I remember thinking about half way through the feather-fan blanket for my new neice that I would be SO glad to finish I'd never bother with the pattern again. Then by the time I finished, I really loved the pattern. So when the massage therapist asked if I'd be interested in trading sessions for a blanket to fit her daughter's toddler bed, I pulled out the pattern, grabbed some yarn and started another one. This one will be 45 x 70; it takes me an hour to do one pattern repeat, so I expect it to take about 75 hours. Nothing I have to rush with as the child won't move to that size bed for a good while. And in fact, this may not be what she wants at all. That's okay too because I'm sure it will not be wasted. I picked up the yarn at a salvage sale, too. It's only Red Heart's baby soft, but it's what a busy mother needs.     I hope to get a little bit of beading done this weekend. I've been threatening a magnetic bead anklet and really would like to get one made soon one, especially if I can work in a couple jinglies and wear it at dance class. I grabbed the magnetic necklace I picked up at WallyWorld last year to wear this morning as it was red & blue (actually, it's a long straight length of beads that sort of wraps to the length you want, be it on your wrist, ankle or neck). I didn't like the way it felt today on my arm (or the green beads in it), so I dropped it down in my pocket -- which just happens to be right where my hip has been hurting... couldn't hurt, right? No, it hasn't. All day. Yeah, yeah -- no scientific proof, yada yada yada. Ah, yes, my hip. Saw the doc on Monday. He took x-rays. Said no real deterioration from arthritis in my hip or back, just inflammation. Gave me a cortisone shot, adjusted my med and sent me on my way. Said should be much better in two weeks. It's better already, but will obviously stay on the med. Also said yoga and dance as well as walking around campus will most certainly be okay and will probably help. And speaking of yoga, am looking for the following so if you have and want to de-stash, let me know:     Yogi Marlon Braccia's Yoga for Absolute Beginners DVD,     and Dolphina's Goddess Workout CD -- the first one, Intro to BD     The fact that I made an A on my first statistics test was somewhat overshadowed this morning by the personality psych test I took the next period. You wouldn't think it was so bad: 5 'short answer' questions -- but in a 50-minute class, that's a lot of writing.     It's not that I can't write for 50 minutes, that's no problem. Only having approximately 10 minutes in which to answer the question is the problem. By the end, I doubt I was writing anything but sentence fragments. Consider the questions, Compare and contrast: (1) Erickson's developmental stages and Marcia's addition to his theory. (2) Freud's developmental stages, zones & modes. (3) 10 defense mechanisms of Freud's Dynamic model. (4) 10 personality disorders of Freud's Dynamic model. (5) Freud's Topographic and Structural models. No way will I make anything better than a C. Could only think of 7 disorders, and though I think I listed 10 defense mechanisms, I don't think I defined/explained them thoroughly enough. I had a thorough short essay written for #5 but could not reproduce it in full and finish on time. I may have reproduced the table/chart he'd illustrated for #2 completely enough for full points. And probably did all right with Erikson's stages, but we were only given Marica's part in the last couple minutes of class Wednesday! I got the gist but not the details. And while I'm whining, it is fair that a Tuesday/Thursday class would have the same test but have at least 15 more minutes in which to take it?? Ah,well... the day did improve, if only for the fact that it is done and nothing will change it. Will try to condense more for next one... or take it with the T/TH class perhaps. Think I'm losing the battle against the nap faerie... will be preparing for comparative religion test on Monday and catching up/reviewing espanol all weekend, so, hasta luego! LC

comment spam?

    I don't believe this... someone spammed my comments. Don't people have anything better to do? Guess not, huh. What a pain.   &nbsP Has anyone else had to deal with this? Got a permanent solution?? LC

Monday, September 20, 2004

good news, bad news

    It's that kind of day. No big surprise since it is Monday. Told DH last night, it's not the 8AM class that's the problem, it is the 5:45AM alarm that wakes me. Once I'm up and in the shower, everything is usually pretty fine; even my nervous stomach seems to calm down once I am on the road to the campus. I've no cash for lunch and an hour to kill before Developmental Psych, so I wandered to the computer lab to check my email and blog a bit.     This is first day of classes since last Tuesday when Ivan threatened. The statistics test scheduled today was postponed until Wednesday --good news-- and he did a pretty thorough review today. Friday's personality psych test is not rescheduled, so instead two class periods of videos (of questionable interest) are sacrificed for the lectures that would have been given last week --also good news. Spanish test scheduled for Friday is rescheduled -- very good news -- but, we may be losing our professor -- could be very BAD news.     Funny thing, first time I saw him I was relieved he was not my professor. Just something too stern-looking about him. When I needed to rearrange my schedule and ended up in his class, I was apprehensive. Turns out he is not only an efficient and effective instructor, he is a warm and very accommodating person. I honestly do wish him well, as it sounds like he has been offered a good opportunity; I would certainly love to see him be able to finish this semester. I don't think any of us would enjoy having to readjust to another professor/style.     Ah, more good news. I just happen to check with the department secretary after statistics about how scheduling for advisement is handled and found out that just this morning all the information and scheduling sheets were posted right outside my class. So, all I had to do was to walk back about 20 sign up with my advisor -- on the first possible day during my lunch break.     Time to head out for last two classes, LC

Thursday, September 16, 2004

quick update

    We were very fortunate not to feel but the barest effects of Hurricane Ivan, being on the far west edges of its path. Lots of leaves and pinecones in the yard, a few twigs and only a few branches off one of the large old pines in the back yard. Our power never even flickered; all my clocks were still set this morning.     But I suppose I was subconsciously more anxious than I thought; I had very unusual pains in my stomach since early afternoon yesterday, just about the time the outer bands started hitting the Gulf Coast. I had one son 40 miles north and one about half-mile east -- they were safe, but I'm still a mom and I guess I was concerned.     I napped on the sofa most of the late evening, and finally went to the bedroom when the eyewall was still about 50 miles off the coast of Mobile. Usually, the bedroom door is closed to keep out the cats, but I left it open last night so I could hear to the other end of the house. Slept horribly, but not due to the cats joining me or even chasing each other this morning. The winds and rain never woke me as I expected them to, but I woke up just the same (and frequently) to check. Lots of strange and troubling dreams... like TOTALLY forgetting to do the reading and work for one class for the whole semester and then remembering on the very day of the final that I had that class! Campus shut down on Tuesday night; no classes until Monday, so plenty of time to catch up on my psych chapters. Except that I've only been knitting!     We took a ride to check on a couple friends this morning, picked up some ground beef at the grocery and hubby made a great batch of gringo chili. It's in the 80s, but some how it 'feels' like chili weather... stormy?? Who knows. I'm just weird.     Off to do some reading for religion and psych. Blessing to all who weren't so fortunate from Ivan.     Oh! By the way, that paper I had to write -- got my grade: all 50 possible points. Have also had one test in that class and scored a 90, plus 5 extra credit points, so feeling pretty good about this class so far. LC