Sunday, December 31, 2006

one last meme

Year's End Meme by yours truly. I promise no more than one meme a week in 2007!
1AM: Did you make resolutions for 2006? Did you keep (any of) them? Sort of: “If I was going to make a resolution for 2006 it would be that I would make time for the important things.” My unwritten resolution is always to be more prompt with bill paying. I have made progress on that, thanks to auto-payments though, not my own efforts.
2AM: What New Year traditions (celebrations or superstitions) did you keep in 2006? None of the food ones, and we never stay up til midnight unless it is by accident. We sometime go to friends' early in the evening, but usually stay home. I suppose the one superstition I always follow is to do a little bit of everything on New Year’s Day that I want to do all year. Thanks, Mom.
3AM: Was there anything you did in 2006 that you had never done before? Bunches! Never been to Mexico or climbed a pyramid; never tried to spin wool or knit on two circular needles; never gone to a university commencement or applied to grad school.
4AM: How many calendars do you display/use? Where and what kind are they? There are always at least two displayed in our house, but like Rissa, my most used one is electronic. Mine is in my PDA. At work I use the Outlook calendar feature a lot, but I need to ask for my iPaq software to be added to my work computer so I can sync my desktop and PDA calendars. I like to have pretty calendars around, too. Have a cat weekly engagement type on my desk at work, and one where each month turns into a file folder for bills/receipts/etc. at home. I buy the pattern-a-day knitting calendar just for the patterns, but I may take it to work this year so my knitting co-workers can enjoy it too. I like those moon phase calendars but haven't seen one in years.
5AM: What is the most important lesson you learned in 2006? You have to work hard at being compassionate, and keep doing it every day.
6AM: Which color would you chose to represent 2006? Gotta reason? Turquoise. It's a calm and peaceful, yet intriguing color. It has mystical properies and it just plain makes me happy to look at it. Funny, though, I don't wear it often.
7AM: Of what are you most happy you accomplished in 2006? Knuckling down and getting the diabetes under good control.
8AM: What was the worst thing that happened to you in 2006?Having an emotional breakdown in the middle of the Mexico City International airport. It was a pretty good year really.
9AM: Did you renew or restore a relationship in 2006? I continue to try to accept my father's marriage and wife. I make a little progress each year.
10AM: What candy would best describe 2006 to you? Dulce de Leche, in honor of my study abroad adventure.
11AM: Where you more or less healthy in 2006 than the previous year? Am more healthy now than at the beginning, so would have to say more healthy than 2005.
12PM: What was the best change in your life in 2006? There are actually two: being diagnosed with diabetes and going to work full-time. My life is more structured, my financial situation more secure, and my post-grad education will be covered by employee scholarship – “future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades!”
1PM: What is your greatest regret from 2006? Going to that upstairs bar in Puebla to watch the last game Mexico played in the World Cup was not a good idea. But mostly I regret that my mother did not live to see my college graduation.
2PM: How did you celebrate your birthday in 2006? Hmm… had to check the blog to remember. I was pretty sure I dined with family and friends. I was right.
3PM: If 2006 was a member of your family, which member would it be? I have a small family. I guess I'll say #2Son: full of potential, procrastination, and some how everything usually works out just fine.
4PM: If you could, to which one day in 2006 would you return and why? The day I decided to pursue the second major. I wouldn’t. Then I would have graduated in May, still taken the trip to Mexico but under less stress, and blown off the two minors. Of course, the whole job/grad school-thing would have worked out differently. Eh. S’okay this way.
5PM: Did you fall in love in 2006? With whom or what? Yes, Mexico & Hispanic culture. Am trying to figure out when I can take DH and go back. But I'm also falling in love with Tibet. Heading there first, and taking DH this time, first time!
6PM: What is the most significant thing you read in 2006? Seems everything I read that His Holiness the Dalai Lama says/writes is significant. Reading newspapers and magazine and blog articles while in Mexico, from their perspective, aided by the cultural understanding the professors gave us was certainly important to developing a less USA-centric view.
7PM: Did you take a vacation in 2006? To where? Mexico in May/June; Richmond, D.C., & Silver Spring in October. Oh, also Saint Augustine with DH in October. Lovely year for travel.
8PM: What did you lose in 2006 that can never be recovered? Time and opportunity.
9PM: Do you believe you are a better person at the end of 2006 than you were at the beginning? Yes.
10PM: In your opinion, what was the most memorable world event of 2006? Silliest: the proposed 700-mile fence along the Mexico border. Scariest: Iran and North Korea's build up of arms and nuclear capabilities.
11PM: Are you glad or sad to see 2006 end? I’m always glad to see a new year begin. I like beginnings. Change is good. I try to be a forward-looking person most of the time. I’m not usually happy with out at least a half-dozen things coming up or going on in my future.
12AM: Have you made (or will you make) resolutions for 2007? Will you be able to keep them as well as those you made for 2006? I’ll make a few more; I’ll keep few more, I hope.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

abc of me meme

Rissa tagged me:

A- Available or single? Attached.
B- Best Friend? There are SO many levels of friendship. Standing the test of time (over thirty years) though, is my high-school friend, Mary.
C- Cake or Pie? Cake, which, of course, includes cheescake.
D- Drink of Choice? COLD skim milk.
E- Essential Item? My mind.
F- Favorite Color? Purple
G- Gummi Bears or Worms? Ewww. Neither. Jujyfruits or gumdrops/jelly beans.
H- Hometown? Lakeland, FL
I- Indulgence? Three-layer chocolate cake with thick fudge icing--about two bites.
J- January or February? February. Valentine's Day, Camellias, Mom’s birthday (but unfortunately also the month in which her mother died), birth month of my first sweetheart and true love, and also the month I got my driver’s license. No wonder I love purple (amethyst).
K- Kids and names? Human: Lisa, Betty; Brent, John. Feline (past & present): Spooky, Morris, Magnum, Shadow; Brickle, Sasha, Nero.
L- Life is incomplete without? faith
M- Marriage Date? First: March 7th. Second: Oct 2nd.
N- Number of Siblings? One sister.
O- Oranges or apples? Apples.
P- Phobias/Fears? Heights and crowds.
Q- Favorite Quote? “Life has to be more than just a heartbeat. What we hold sacred gives life meaning.” (Written by J. M. Straczinsky for the character Jeffrey Sinclair in Babylon 5).
R- Reason to Smile? Every morning I wake up.
S- Season? In the south, winter (except for the short days); in the north, autumn, though spring is a very close second.
T- Tag three people! Lisa, since she’s blogging again, and any one else reading who hasn’t done it and likes meme (leave me a comment so I can come read).
U- Unknown Fact About Me? If I tell it, it won’t be unknown any more!!
V- Vegetable you hate? Never been big on vegetables, unfortunately, but I’m learning to at least enjoy them. I suppose what I hate would be one which was unseasoned.
W- Worst habit? Yikes. What an embarrassing question! Starting things and not finishing them. NO! Procrasinating.
X- X-Rays you’ve had? Normal ones… dental, chest, foot, wrist and hip. I had one of veins in my legs when I was about six months pregnant with twins—that was uncomfortable. And some really nasty GI series’ done. Do sonograms count as x-rays? Or that test that checks to see if your fallopian tubes are blocked?? Talk about painful!!
Y- Your favorite food? Lately, shrimp and beef tenderloin
Z- Zodiac? Moonchild (i.e., Cancer)

Friday, December 29, 2006

more meme

    I got this from Rissa, who got it "from Deb over at Red Shoe Ramblings, but she got it from someone else. I thought the questions were interesting, so I decided to play along." Ditto.
Do you own a gun? Technically, I guess so, but I don’t really consider it my own possession.
What do you think of hot dogs? Only good if grilled or broiled and not boiled, bun-size, fat ones. I’d really rather have Polish or Smoked sausage. Must have mustard.
What’s your favorite Christmas song? Sacred: Away in a Manger; Traditional: Good King What’s-his-name; Modern: I’ll be Home for Christmas.
What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Hot chocolate made with milk.
Can you do push-ups? Been wearing underwires since I started wearing C cups. Never have tried those water thingies—what if they spring a leak??
What’s your favorite piece of jewelry? Something expensive.
What is your secret weapon to lure the opposite sex? I don’t know about luring, but isn’t or@l sex every woman’s secret weapon? As for getting my way, Daddy always caved to a pouty lower lip and teary eyes.
Middle name? Sue. Pet name, Susie.
Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment:
1. What IS Rissa’s middle name?
2. I’ve already seen this episode of CSI:Miami.
3. Shit! I hate that Grissom is leaving.
Name 3 drinks you regularly drink:
1. Diet Coca-Cola/Dr. Pepper—too much
2. Coffee—usually only in the morning at work
3. Water – but not enough
What time did you wake up today? Around 10 AM
Current hate? Corruption and Stupidity.
Favorite place to be? Home of mine, friends or family.
Least favorite place to be? In a crowd.
Where would you like to go? To where I’m not already planning a trip? That would be Italy, Scotland, and somewhere to see the Northern Lights.
Do you own slippers? Yes, but it has to be REALLY cold for me to wear them.
What shirt are you wearing? Black short-sleeved tee-shirt with Pink Ribbon decoration (breast cancer). It was the only clean black shirt I could wear with a black & white sweater I bought yesterday that I wanted to wear today.
Do you burn or tan? If over-exposed and unprotected, I burn, otherwise I tan. But it fades fast.
Favorite color(s)? Purple, mostly.
Would you be a pirate? Only if Jack Sparrow was my captain.
What is your favorite holiday? Used to be Thanksgiving. Now, I think maybe Valentine’s Day or my wedding anniversary (25 years last October). Life’s getting to be about me and DH now that kids are grown but there are no grandkids yet. Mardi Gras is a fun time to be off work, but I’d never spend it in NOLA.
What songs do you sing in the shower? Whatever the last song was I heard before turning off the clock-radio. Yeah… I want a radio for the shower!
What did you fear was going to get you at night as a child? Something from under the bed.
What’s in your pockets right now? No pockets right now, but usually it’s my work/student ID and keys.
Last thing that made you laugh? The animal videos we watched on Animal Planet tonight.
Best bed sheets as a child? I’m too old for ‘character’ sheets, but the dark lavender ones my mom dyed for my new room with the canopy bed, French Provencal furniture, purple carpet and frilly bedspread would have to be the most special.
Worst injury you’ve ever had? I have been very lucky with regard to physical injury.
Are your parents still together? Hopefully by their heart-strings, but Mom passed 7 years ago this month.
Do you wish on shooting stars? I wish they’d go to jail for their crimes.
What is your favorite book(s)? One that makes me think.
What is your favorite candy? Green M&Ms
What song did you have played at your wedding? 1st: Trumpet Voluntary; 2nd: none.
How is the weather outside right now? Wet, rainy, humid.
What was your first thought this morning when you woke up? To take my sister shopping and enjoy the day with her.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

mini movie reviews

    We've watched a few rental DVD's in the past couple weeks. I'm batting 500.
    One night I picked up Take the Lead and The Break-Up. The latter I didn't even watch half-way through. It was like one long crappy sit-com. The former, was good, but not enough Antonio for this ol' gal. I thought it a bit to coincidental that the same music was used for the hot tango (he and his up-town student) in this film as was used in Shall We Dance (Gere and Lopez). It was a fun movie and so good to see Banderas again.
    Then on Saturday I picked up Lake House and Scoop. OMG! Even Hugh Jackman couldn't save the latter weak effort by Woody Allen (of whom there was WAY too much in this film!). I lost interest way early. Even though you are supposed to know the outcome from the start, like the heroine you are supposed to be hoping that it isn't true. Yawn.
    But! But! But! Lake House was WONDERFUL! Right up there on my list of romantic movies with An Affair to Remember (an old classic) and Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail (newer classics). Even though I knew from the... hmm... I guess I really can't say without spoiling it for others. It's a wonderful story, even if the "physics" of it don't quite work. Of course, I'm a Keanu Reeves fan. YMMV.
    And then tonight it was MI:III and X-Men 3. I'm not much of a Tom Cruise fan, nor a big action movie fan, so I read blogs and only tried to follow the story line (of which there was little and no surprises). X-men was lots more fun to watch, perhaps simply for all the fantasy of the special effects. Handsome Hugh more than redeemed himself as Wolfie, bless his little self-healing heart. I did not like some of the turns the story took and am curious how the story line will develop if there are any more X-Men films.
    So, it seems I manage to pick only one good one out of every two we rent. I love the in-store exchange program that Blockbuster has started with their online/mail program. I'm glad we changed from Net-Flix. Two free in-store rentals a month and now the in-store exchange program make it a great way to watch new and old movies, and all those series I need to catch up on! Try it free for a month, if you like (I get no benefit, nor am affiliated in any way, just a happy customer):
One Month FREE for friends and family!
Expires: 12/31/2006
Enter promo code: friend1

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

new beginnings

    Part of me always feels that the 'new year' begins the day after Christmas. The hassles are over and my mind can clear a bit. I have a full week to waste, um, I mean accomplish so much! This morning I at least started off right...
    Even after begin up early and quite active all day (forgot to put on my pedometer though), not getting to bed until after midnight (!!!), I still got up just a little after 9AM. Got my 8+ and didn't zonk out for half the day as I expected to do. Perhaps because I had a few things I wanted to get done -- and I feel quite rested, except for my eyes which are almost always tired. Yes. I need to get them checked.
    First thing accomplished was to get my husband's XM satellite radio activated. I'm looking at him now, across the living room from me, enjoying it immensely, happily clicking that record button every time something good comes on. His station of choice is "Willie's Place" for old country music. I want to get him one of the headsets with the antenna booster in it. He has to remove his hearing aids to use the earbuds. His ears will probably be sore shortly, but then he is used to wearing the hearing aids all the time, so perhaps not. I also got us a car kit so we can listen to it in the truck. AND, I get to listen to it online at work (or wherever).
    Next is to order #1Son's iPod Shuffle. I want to get it engraved for him, so I have to wait until he gets up to know what he wants on it. He surprised me actually, by picking that as his gift instead of the front-end mask for his car. But, they are SO cute, I can't blame him at all. I'd get one for myself, but I already carry around too many electronic gadgets!
    I don't always get my kids a lot of gifts, so we try to make the presenting of them fun. This year, I wrapped the Shuffle (that I had on-hand whic is a 21st-birthday gift for DH's grandson) as one gift, a printout from J.C. Whitney for the car mask and $50 as another, and put those two wrapped items along with a plain white envelope with some Marble Slab Creamery gift certificates in a box and wrapped it. Inside too was a note which said something about how it was time to play "Let's Make A Deal" and that he could have the small wrapped box and the plain white envelope or the wrapped envelope, to choose wisely because one was twice as valuable as the other. He wouldn't decide right away. He opened other gifts and later on decided on the small wrapped box (the Shuffle) and the white envelope (the GCs). It was fun for him I think. In the end, I gave him the cash too because it made the difference with what his brother's gifts totaled.
    For #2Son, in a large box, was his guitar stand, in pieces, and new strings, some tool for restringing and some string conditioner, along with a gift card for Circuit City and a bag of Hershey's Peanut Butter-filled Kisses. He got the Creamery GCs too and some for CiCi's Pizza, too. I'd seen this little Smiley Face bank at a dollar store and got it, because his dad always buys Smiley Face stuff for him. But I didn't want him to know what it was as soon as he took off the paper, so I tore the box apart at the seam and turned it inside out. Then I used copious amounts of heavy box tape so he could not get into it easily. He was appropriately frustrated, and greatly amused at his momma.
    My husband loves coconut, and especially all candies coconut. A few weeks ago I brought home some Hershey's Coconut Creame Kisses. He loved them. But he also said later not to get him any more because he just ate too many of them. Well, of course I had already bought him some more! I had a three-tiered candy jar put back as an 'emergency gift' so put one bag of the candies in each of the BOTTOM two glass containers, leaving the top on empty. We are known for putting gifts in boxes which are not what it says on the box, so when he was all "great, a candy jar" I reminded him of that habit, and he puzzled as he took out the foam I had added that would keep everything tight and wouldn't let on the candy was in there. He kept taking out the pieces and finally got to the candy...I'm sure he could smell the chocolate -- as could our sweet-toothed kitty, Sasha! That and the Jeff Foxworthy Redneck Christmas book I found on the BAM bargain table gave him good chuckles.
    All in all, a rather successful day of gift giving. Oh! Me? Well, two lovely books, Tazo Chai tea bags, both dry-roasted and SF chocolate covered macadamia nuts from DSis -- also violet soaps from Scotland, beautiful blown-glass hibicus ornament AND rosewook DP knitting needles, size 2 and 3 -- which I am about half afraid to use after breaking the Brittany birch 1s that I borrowed from Lisa (Remember to order those replacements for me, please, Rissa.) My sister ALWAYS overspends on Baby Susie! At least we got a lot done on her laptop yesterday too. Trying to get her anxieties relieved and her comfort level raised. She has a very nice wide-screen Dell -- just needs the junk cleaned off of it. LOL
    Now, on to other To-Do's. Blessed day to all.

Monday, December 25, 2006

christmas finally

I'm really NOT into Christmas.
    I just wrapped my gifts this morning--for those who I will see today--few as they are.
    I *do* love shopping for gifts for people I love. And this year I've been lucky enough to know what I wanted to get almost everyone.
    What I don't like, and don't do well, is getting gifts in the mail to family living back in MD/WV/PA areas. I still have last year's gifts sitting unwrapped in my living room. And not for the first time.
    I know my sons, at least one of them anyway, get disappointed that we don't really have traditional celebrations. Last year the tree only got about half decorated, then stayed up for months because I can't handle the parts and no one would take it down for me. This year, I didn't even want it put up. I took my Hallmark miniature tree to work; now it sits on top of the television, decorated, but unlit.
    The one tradition we almost always keep is for Christman Eve. Pizza and riding around to look at lights. Only the pizza places keep closing earlier and earlier. This year we, rather #1Son, had to drive 25 miles for carry-out and it was too rainy/foggy to ride around looking at lights. Perhaps tonight.
    I don't get in a hurry to have an early dinner. Usually we have Christmas supper. It gets simplier every year. This year just turkey, bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, some steamed vegetables and salad... I won't be having stuffing or potatoes. I won't be making sweet potatoe casserole (too much sugar, and we now eat sweet potatoes quite often). Rodger may make apple pies later on. Don't know if I'll raid my pecan stash to toast a few or not.
    Every year we talk about going away for Christmas "next year," but so far we haven't followed through. When my dad goes off to LA with his wife to spend the holidays with her son's family, I can't bring myself to leave my sister alone. Plus, we don't want to fly, and haven't taken the time yet to find a good place to be over the holidats that is close enough to drive. (Suggestions welcome!)
    So... now we wait for the bird to cook, and watch some TV. Need to help DSis with her computer. Wish we had some good movies to watch tonight. As appalling as it is to me, I have movies due to Blockbuster today -- can't believe they are open -- so, just might ride down there and get something to watch. (I remember Christmas in, oh, mid-1970's when I was married to the Texan, we went bowling on Christmas!)
Good day for everyone!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

grad pics

    We finally got one of the rolls of film with graduation photos developed yesterday, and I cropped three of the photos for the blog:

    *I* knew that the binder would not have my actual diploma in it, but DH didn't. That's why I flashed it at him. What we should have is a photo of *his* reaction rather than of me!

    I'm not the only one in the family to have taken some time to get their degree, or to have graduated from USM. My sister did it in '98 -- but it was her second bachelor's. My dad and mom met at there; he, my uncle, aunt and their three sons, my cousins, all graduated from USM. My mother lacked only a few hours. I would love to walk for my Masters in two years along with my two sons walking for their bacherlors. Will keep working toward it.
    Graduation was more fun than I expected. I'd never attended a university commencement before, so seeing the masters candidates walk and the doctoral candidates get 'hooded' was something new. I have 'lemon yellow' vestments to look forward to. LOL

Monday, December 18, 2006

yikes! spikes!

uhoh... I ate something this morning which was supposed to be whole-grain and low0sugar, but which apparently wasn't... plus, I was half-sick this weekend and didn't eat like I am supposed to... and, I've been under just a WEE bit of stress the past couple days... so after being so happy that my BG was 109 after a great meal the other night, I am shakey this morning. So, afraid my BG was dropping too low I checked it... OMG!! 221!!! What the heck can I do fast to get it down?? I quickly went and did some cardio exercise, then grabbed some protein and am now downing a LOT of water... Finging no help with quick look online, but don't really have time at work to do indepth search. Any advice for future spikes, would be appreciated.

Friday, December 15, 2006


    My superviosr just returned from the afternoon commencement. She and the other SLIS faculty attended in their full regalia. She apparently didn't realize I was walking this term. She pointed out my name (complete with the honors designation) in the program and said that the person next to her asked, "Didn't we just hire her?"

BIG honors

The BIG day is finally here.

    And I think I am finally excited about it.
    I picked up my cap & gown over lunch. Walking to the coliseum I suddenly realized that it would most likely be folded in a bag... meaning it would be creased/wrinkled! omg! All I could think of was my mother and how she always made sure I looked perfect! Fortunately, there were people there who would steam them (and for a very reasonable fee).
    I came to work today dressed way down: jeans, t-shirt, no make-up, hair undressed, sneakers. The IT folks are running a major test on the main program we all used to access our cataloging system, so it was the ideal day for cleaning. So, I brought my dress and other regalia along and will change after work.     With all the hoop-la over unfinished papers and difficulties with my study, I totally forgot that I was graduating summa cum laude: I have Seat 1 in Row 1 of my college. I think my dad is planning to arrive a bit late so he won't have to sit so long (and perhaps so he can make a fast escape, lol), so I am glad my college is not the first on the program -- or he would miss it all together! My sons are under command to appear; #1Son will be chauffeuring his brother, DH, and DSis.
    Now, between the sunny walk back from the coliseum and cleaning my workspace, I'm all perspire-y... at least I remembered to include wipes, washcloth, deodorant, toothbrush and paste in my 'necessaries' bag!
    I don't know if I'll have a digital photo to upload or will have to wait to scan a printed one, but I'll show-off sooner or later.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

small honors

    Last year, I wrote a paper for Buddhism class entitled Bodhisattva of Compassion: Tara & Kwan Yin. Two of the primary sources I used for information on Kwan Yin were John Blofeld's Bodhisattva of Compassion, and Sandra Boucher's Discovering Kwan Yin. Both books made deep impressions upon me, so much so that when it came time to select a library holding for the Senior Bookplate Project, and I couldn't decide on a current holding, I donated both books and asked that my bookplate be placed in the Blofeld book.
    The woman who has the workstaion next to mine is responsible for placing the bookplates and she stopped me today to show me that it was ready to go. As a 'student worker' in the Reading Room for over a year, I am happy that even though at the moment as am graduating I am not currently a 'student worker' they still allowed me to be honored in this way. A small thing, but meaningful.

half an hour?

    Even though I know from studying sleep facts and behavior that losing a half hour of sleep a night WILL have an effect, like most people, I've been ignoring this truth. I have been sleepy-headed on the job for days, especially the last two. So much so that last night, I gave up and headed to bed at 9PM -- one half hour before I usually do so.
    This morning, I was bright and chipper, and alert all morning (the mid-afternoon sleepies are just a fact of our inner rhythm that few can escape, but mild for me today). But the idea of going to bed every night at 9pm, when I don't get home until 5:30 or 6PM, just makes me so sad. Perhaps when the daylight is lasting longer I won't mind so much. And I think that after the first of the year, I am going to cut my lunch break to half an hour so I can leave at 4pm...
    Sorry I've been absent. I'm just too sleepy to do much of anything lately. And speaking of sleep, my DH finally has an appointment for a sleep study to do something about his OSAS (Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome). Yay!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

childhood reading

Booking Through Thursday

  1. They say that books read as a child make more of an impact on a person than books read at any other time in life. Are there any books that you particularly loved, that shaped the way you think when you were little? I'm not asking if you believed in fairies then but don't any more. I'm asking about patterns of thought, morality--something that made an impact.

    I am a child of the 1950s, and my memories of books reflects it: Cinderella and Little Women come immediately to mind. I remember reading lots of Bobsey Twins and then later, Nancy Drew. Lots of fairytale books, too, mythology and folklore. I think my favorite author in my teens was Francis Parkinson Keyes. I read everything of hers that I could find. I discovered Kahlil Gibran in highschool. I still own many, many of the books from my childhood

  2. And, of course, examples, please!

    I was, and perhaps still am, a fantasy girl. Led a sheltered life even up until college. I still tend to live in my own little world. But, I basically quit reading pure romance a long time ago... just too unrealistic and too predictable, like they were all written from the same outling! I haven't looked at a FPK book in ages; I might not care for her now. However, I still love mythology and fairytales. Perhaps because there isn't always a happy ending, eh?

  3. Also, did you read this book/these books more than once? Many times? Even if that's not a usual habit of yours?

    Yes. Yes. And, yes, it is definitely a habit of mine, as is revisting places I love rather than traveling to some place new.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

well, shoot...

I forgot part of my point/question, and why I would be surfing the diabetes sites: what to do about the late-night carb craving?

carbo fog (whining ahead)

    Is there such a thing? Or is it just a lack of caffiene??     I feel SO bad today, that carbo-fog is the only thing to which I can attribute it. I went to bed at the regular time, and even though I *heard* a neighborhood dog barking, I don't actually think it kept me awake or woke me in the night. Felt DH get up once in the night, but not snoring. And finally my bladder got me out of bed at 4:45 am and I couldn't get back to sleep (yeah, mostly the dog this time, and knowing the alarm was going off at 5:30am anyway).     Usually, even if I wake up sleepy-headed, by the time I finish my shower, I am fairly wide-awake and alert. Not today. It's 8:30am, and I'm still feeling groggy. The aches in my hand, shoulder and hips are not helping.     If it's a lack of caffiene, I'll just have to adjust. I know I am consuming way too much of it, and intend to cut back. But oddly, that usually just gives me a headache, and that's one thing that's NOT hurting this morning!     Everyone have a wonderful day. I will have lunch with a former classmate (and future travel-mate to Tibet) later today. Looking forward to that; she is such a sweetheart. In between that and work, think I'll wander through some diabetes sites.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

and then,

sometimes, you just have to do it! Rissa probably could have written this.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

bared cubbie

I promised pictures of my workstation:

Needs a little warmth, don't it?

I sort of wish it was left-handed instead of right, but for now it will be fine. I have asked for a different keyboard. One with the curved area for your hands and a touchpad on the right. Having to use a mouse on the desk and the keyboard on a tray has given my shoulder fits! The workstation two spots away from me has a tray that swivels. I may try to get that moved to my spot, too.

In case you are wondering, the three discs are three blank CDs that are supposed to help me see people walk up behind me. It does a little, but I still jump. It's so quiet in the department, and we all sit with our backs to the opening of the workstations, so everyone gets startled. I'd really rather have a long thin mirror hung there. I think the discs look pretty silly, but I appreciate the thoughtfulness of the co-worker who brought them to me.

I have some picture frames I want to take, and hope to get the photos for them pulled out and in place tomorrow. The holiday weekend hasn't gone exactly like I planned (i.e., I didn't get done all the things I meant to get done) but it has been restful.

As Scarlett says, "Tomorrow is another day!"

Friday, November 24, 2006

colorful lives

Taggin' off Rissa, again.
1. Closest red thing to you? The wool blanket over my legs. 2. Has anyone ever cheated on you in a relationship? Probably. 3. The last thing to make you angry? Being disappointed by one of my sons. 4. Are you a fan of romance? Definitely. 5. Have you ever been in love? Was, am, will be. 6. Do you have a temper? Yeah, but all bark & no bite.
    1. Closest green thing to you? Shirt I'm wearing. 2. Do you care about the environment? Yes, but I care about people more. 3. Are you jealous of anyone right now? Not a soul...see next question. 4. Are you a lucky person? I think so, or perhaps only serendipitous. 5. Do you always want what you can’t have? Hardly, only anxious for the next goal to be achieved. 6. Are you Irish? Scot-Irish only, no matter how much Son#1 wishes differently.
    1. Closest purple thing to you? A handknitted scarf I had around my neck earlier cause my house was cold and I was the only one who couldn't get warm. 2. Like being treated to expensive things? Hmm... sort of. I like most any gift, expensive or not. Even better an expensive thing for a small price, i.e., BARGAIN. 3. Do you like mysterious things? Yes. I didn't used to think I did, and although I don't read mysteries, per se, when it comes to TV/movies I find they are my favorites. All things mystical I find fascinating. 4. Favourite type of chocolate? All kinds. Now, though, whatever's got the least amount of sugar. 5. Ever met any royalty? "Life is too short to be anything but Queen." 6. Are you creative? Yes. Not as artistic as I would like to be, but unwilling to invest the time to do anything more about it at this time. 7. Are you lonely? Rarely.
    1. Closest blue thing to you? The jeans I'm wearing and my coffee cup. 2. Are you good at calming people down? No, but I try. Perhaps best with my children? 3. Do you like the ocean? Definitely. Water is my element. 4. What was the last thing that made you cry? This. 5. Are you a logical thinker? When I'm not over-emotionally invovled or stressed, yes. 6. Can you sleep easily? In my own bed, usually. 7. Do you prefer the beach or the woods? Beach, unless there's a lake in the woods.
    1. Closest yellow thing to you? Weird. There's no yellow near me. Ah, a pencil. 2. The happiest time(s) of your life? I hope it hasn't happened yet. 3. Favourite holiday? Before my mother passed away, it was Thanksgiving. Now, I guess any one that I have off from work. 4. Are you a coward? In the sense that I avoid confronation at most any cost, yes. 5. Do you burn or tan? Generally, I burn. When a kid, though, my dad called me "Smokey." But then I spent lots of time outside, in the water. 6. Do you want children? Have two sons; DH has two daughters, one neice, two grandsons, one granddaughter, and three grandneices. I'm hoping for a granddaughter -- someday, but not too soon. 7. What makes you happy? Simple things really. But, I also believe happiness is a choice, not an event; with an internal not external source.
    1. Closest pink thing to you? The nose of my favorite cat. 2. Do you like sweet things? Yes, but not that I've had to give them up they can be nauseating. 3. Like play-fighting? No. And not arguing for arguing's sake either. 4. Are you sensitive? Excessively. 5. Do you like punk music? No. 6. What is your favourite flower? Gardenias. Lilacs. Roses (Queen Elizabeths & Don Juans). 7. Does someone have a crush on you? I hope not. To me a crush is insincere, too close to infaturation, and a less valuable form of love (See Robert Sternberg's theory). However, they are certainly fun. I get them now and then, but on my new toys, or unobtainable objects.
    1. Closest orange thing to you?A container of tropical fruit IceBreakers. 2. Do you like to burn things? Candles. 3. Dress up for Halloween? Only by puting on orange & black. 4. Are you usually a warm-hearted person? Yes. 5. Do you prefer the single life or the security of a relationship? Security. 6. What would your super power be? Enlightenment?
    1. Closest white thing to you? Paper. 2. Would you say you’re innocent? I'd say I led a sheltered life. 3. Always try to keep the peace? Peacemaker is my middle name -- I always feel in the middle. 4. How do you imagine your wedding? I've had two. The dream-come-true one didn't take. 5. Do you like to play in the snow? Only until my toes get cold... and really only walking in it, or making snowmen, not snowball fights or shoveling. 6. Are you afraid of going to the doctors or dentist? Nope. Neither bother me any more... only the COST at the dentist because I don't have dental insurance! I do still have to turn my head when I get blood drawn or have injections.
    1. Closest black thing to you? Sweater I'm wearing. 2. Ever enjoy hurting people? NO. And hate the thought that I do it unintentionally. 3. Are you sophisticated or silly? It would be super-silly to think I could carry off sophisticated. 4. Do you have a lot of secrets? Can't keep them, so there's no point in trying. 5. What is your favourite colour(s)? Always loved purple. Seem drawn to pink lately. Any color I like tends to have blue undertones. 6. Does the colour you wear affect your mood? Only if I think it looks good/bad on me.

    Wednesday, November 22, 2006

    tangled webs

        Do you ever get to wandering through the internet, or blogland, then forget later how you found something or got somewhere that *now* you want to return to? Happens to me all the time. All. the. time.     Like the November calendar photo posting by Deb at Chappysmom. I saw it before I started my new job, and the first time I saw the calendar hanging in the employee lounge, I thought about it again. Of course, I only today remembered to take a photo of it:
    along with another November calendar page of a co-worker that is just so pithy....
    Burnout: Attitudes are contagious. Mine might kill you.
        Now, Deb's blog wasn't on my reading list (is now), but I obviously got there from somewhere and I didn't know if I could find it again. Fortunately, I stumbled across another reference to the calendar photo event tonight and... oh, nevermind (I'm too late posting my photos anyway). The point is, Deb states on her blog that her library has 2,797 books!     My first thought was how close I could get to that number if I took time to count, then my eyes fell on the next line in her sidebar: "Number unread: 27" !!! She's not kidding with her nickname, bookworm.     And actually, I'm still not to my point... farther down in her links is one to Booking through Thursday. Turns out that Deb is half the team, Laura being the other. Yes, it is a weekly meme site, but as a library employee and a future librarian, I think I will start following this one.     For this week, they didn't really present any questions, so I'm going to back up to the last two, which were related.
      Reading List - Part 1
    1. Do you keep a list of books to read? Several, actually.
    2. Where do you keep your list (computer, PDA, paper, etc.)? I keep a small spiral book in my purse. I also have several Excel files on my computer and my PDA. Then there are all the little pieces of paper that I accumulate working at the library. Just before I went to back to work, I was trying to get all the little pieces of paper transferred to the PDA. There is still a small pile hiding on the desk under the laptop.
    3. How often do you refer to your list? Every time you go for a new book to read? When book shopping? Or? As I carry it with me always, you would think I refer to it all the time, but I don't really. Still you never know when you'll come across a great used bookstore and need to know the title of that illusive book you need to complete a series -- or begin one! My list is more of a shopping or reference list, and it comes out often when I am strolling through the Big Box bookstore or preparing to research for a paper or class.
      Reading List, Part 2
    1. So, last week we asked you if you kept a list of books that you're interested in, wanting to read, wanting to buy, etc. This week, we want to know--do you keep a list of the books you've READ? Regrettably, no... perhaps I'll begin one. Problem is that I start many books, or read parts of books, more than I finish.
    2. If so, how? In a journal? A notebook? On the computer? I think, that having MS OneNote on my computer I would probably use it, but then again, I'm just anal enough to want to do so in an Excel file. A hand-written journal would certainly be something to treasure, though.
        I took photos of my poor little bare workstation today, too. Will post those shortly. Right now, it's past my bedtime, holiday or no.


        I doubt I could have picked a better time to begin my job -- not that *I* picked it, actually. We will have eight workdays off at Christmas/New Year's and the next two days for Thanksgiving. So, about 10:00am this morning rumor turned to fact, and the word came down that the university president was letting us have the afternoon off. Woo-hoo!     Being my usual compulsive self, I didn't leave right on time as I was trying to get something finished so I wouldn't forget to finish it when I return to work on Monday. I get a SEVERE case of swiss-cheese brain after days off! Anyway, I missed my appointment with the chiropractor, but enjoyed a Basil Chicken wrap at Roly-Poly, and then I made a B-I-G mistake. I went to Wal-Mart -- because I didn't want to go over the holiday weekend.     Whoa! I was getting panicky by the time I got out of there (even thought it was less than half an hour). Even the self-checkout registers were backed up. But the young woman working that area took pity on me, with my arms piled high, and motioned for me to come to her to be checked out. I was extremely grateful! I hope SHE has a fabulous holiday and something wonderful happens to/for her.     Now, I'm going to relax and enjoy the sunshine, some X-Files and maybe some DVR.... and knit.

    Tuesday, November 21, 2006

    no surprise here

    You are The High Priestess

    Science, Wisdom, Knowledge, Education.

    The High Priestess is the card of knowledge, instinctual, supernatural, secret knowledge. She holds scrolls of arcane information that she might, or might not reveal to you. The moon crown on her head as well as the crescent by her foot indicates her willingness to illuminate what you otherwise might not see, reveal the secrets you need to know. The High Priestess is also associated with the moon however and can also indicate change or fluxuation, particularily when it comes to your moods.

    What Tarot Card are You?
    Take the Test to Find Out.


        We had an "interest" meeting about the Tibet trip over lunch today. I had four (center) squares of cheese pizza, diet coke, and a very small cookie (26g in 5). This was between about 12:30pm and 1:30pm. I just checked my glucose and it is 93!     I won't do it often... but I *do* miss pizza. Usually I have a salad when I do indulge, which I would think would be even better glucose-wise.     Thank you, Glucophage.


        Here's the worst part of doing work on a library cataloguing system: seeing too many items you would just like to pull off the shelf and have a look at, much less all the ones you want to READ!

    Monday, November 20, 2006


    Lunchtime. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    You. Can. Only. Type. One. Word. No. Explanations.
    1. Yourself: unoriginal
    2. Your spouse: loveable
    3. Your hair: thinning
    4. Your mother: dead
    5. Your Father: remarried
    6. Your favorite Item: book
    7. Your dream last night: typical
    8. Your favorite drink: pepsi
    9. Your dream car: gifted
    10. The room you are in: quiet
    11. Your Ex: liar
    12. Your fear: childlessness
    13. What you want to be in 10 years? debtless
    14. Who you hung out with last night? cat
    15. What you’re not? comedic
    16. Muffins: pumpkin
    17. One of your wish list items: Aurora
    18. Time: irrelevant
    19. The last thing you did: chewed
    20. What you are wearing: sweater
    21. Your favorite weather: mild
    22. Your favorite book: overdue
    23. The last thing you ate: shrimp
    24. Your life: changing
    25. Your mood: contented
    26. Your best friend: trustworthy
    27. What are you thinking about right now? macros
    28. Your car: comfortable
    29. What are you doing at the moment? eating
    30. Your summer: exciting
    31. Your relationship status: committed
    32. What is on your TV? candles
    33. What is the weather like? bright
    34. When is the last time you laughed? anoche

    Friday, November 17, 2006

    i'm IN!

        DH did not get the mail yesterday or I would have known last night, but this morning when he put out the trash he brought it in and I just happen to see it on the table as I was rushing out the door for work...     I have been accepted into the School of Library Science Graduate Program at the University of Southern Mississippi -- and the best part, of course, is that as an employee, I get to take 6 hours per term at no cost! So, in two years, I can complete my masters.     Today is the last day to get fitted for cap & gown, so I have that to take care of over my lunch break. AND, I found out last night that my sister is going to be here for graduation and the holidays. Work is going well, and everything seems quite rosey right now.

    Thursday, November 16, 2006


        The first item in my checklist this morning was a doozie! So I wrote out what I thought the info I found meant, what I thought the fix was and sent it to my supervisor... I was right, and got a "Good job!"     Let's hope I don't lose it with an "Uh-oh!" this afternoon! Everyone have a good day.

    Wednesday, November 15, 2006

    driving pleasures

        One of the major adjustments in going back to work is getting up and out of the house so early. Even when I had 8AM classes, I didn't get up until 630AM. Now, I'm getting up at 530AM (before DH) to be at work before 730AM -- including time to pick up coffee, of course.     The good news is that, at least for right now, I enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets, like the one tonight:
    looking west looking east
        I am sorry the photos are so blurry; I just wanted to give a little hint of how pretty it was this evening -- after a day that began quite stormy. Of course, I had to be walking around campus in-processing all morning! I did manage to get a few other important errands done as well.     So far, so good with the job duties, too. Now to get past that overwhelming mid-afternoon sleepiness!     Speaking of being sleepy... I won't be up too long tonight either, but I would like to get a few inches on the WWII scarf. December 10th will be here lickety-split. And my blue socks are crying for me to return to them.

    Tuesday, November 14, 2006


        7th day on the job and I finally got to do something beside read manuals. I probably spend to much time on each entry overthinking, but it was going faster at the end of the day. Tomorrow my supervisor will go over what I did and we'll see just how badly I messed it up.     The best part is that I do not feel so sleepy tonight... of course, it IS early yet.     A couple days ago I started my scarf for Knit Your Bit. Mine is navy and cream: 18 stitches wide, 4 rows of each color. The cream yarn is Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool; the navy is Berella/Spinrite Banff, a bulky merino. I using the LB double-stranded.     My thesis due date has been postponed. Now to finish my Mesoamerican religion paper before graduation! For now though, it's laundry and supper.

    Tuesday, November 07, 2006

    getting paid for this? cool

        First, I hope everyone exercised their right to vote today -- but only on issues/folks they knew something about. Doesn't make much sense to poke around in the dark, eh?     I'm still reading about bibliographic control, and trying to stay awake, and not getting those nagging little things accomplished that everyone has to take care of on new job. My work email still isn't set up. I thought they would do it this afternoon (I had a problem, well, I didn't really, but I thought I had a problem concerning the password for my student account), but they didn't. Unfortunately, discovering that I didn't have a problem involved walking halfway across campus (after first going to where I thought the tech service office was only to learn it had moved). Then I walked just as far to get lunch (and back to work). And then, to the other side of campus after work to deliver an application form. Plus climbing up and down the stairs three times each way.     I'm not really complaining, really. I have been missing the walking I would get to do on campus going to classes. This was just not a great day to do so much of it, as I did not sleep well last night after all.     On a (very) positive note, the welcome meeting with the department head was pleasant and helpful. My co-workers are friendly and helpful. And my workspace is shaping up. I take a few personal things each day. And this afternoon I rearranged the computer setup. The department head said I could have whatever kind of keyboard and mouse I need -- I was very glad to hear that as I was hunting up my old trackball this morning without success. And I loved my old IBM Natural Elite, so I'm hoping they can find me something comparable. Now if I can just figure out how to adjust the keyboard tray!     When I couldn't sleep early this morning, I worked on the blue/green sock. I have stopped working on the light/dark green one until I get the remaining yarn weighed, but I wish I had thought to bury the ends of the gold scarf! Oh well, Scarlet, tomorrow is another day.     Pictures. I need some pictures on my workstation walls. OH! Everyone remarks on the Tibet photo I use as my computer background. It is so peaceful. Very meditative. Although I used an UDLA background while I was in Mexico this summer, as soon as I returned, the Drigung valley went back up.     Even though I am too tired, I know I must go get something to eat. I must make sure it is not something that is going to keep me awake tonight, though. I will be glad to move from sitting and reading to actually doing work. My hands and elbows are aching -- which reminds me: I need to wash my Hand-eze gloves. Both pair are embarrassingly dirty!     It's always something. Thank goodness, cause as Methos said, "The alternative is unthinkable."

    Monday, November 06, 2006

    easy day

        No real surprises on the job today. One of the ladies gave me a thorough tour of all the library offices and introduced me to just about everyone on staff. Many I knew already, but most were new to me. The rest of the day I spent reading the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2nd Edition. Thank goodness I was indulging in caffeine today. Seattle Drip is (sort of) on my way to work, then I treated myself to a Diet Coke at lunch and walked out with a huge Go-Cup to boot. I stopped drinking it early enough that I don't think it will keep me awake, or awaken me from sleep. Getting up at 5:30am will do that to ya!     I did managed a few rows on the green sock tonight while I waited for Son#2 to get out of guitar class. I need to do some weighing of sock and remaining yarn, then do some figuring. Here's a try-on shot:
        Sorry it is so washed out. The yarn is pale and the room is dark. At least you get Nero's "moon-glow" eyes, in honor of the full moon.     That's it for tonight. Maybe I'll stumble to the back room and see if I can find my navy and cream wools for Knit Your Bit.

    Sunday, November 05, 2006

    anticipating change

        Tomorrow begins a new phase of life for me as I return to work. I'm looking forward to everything but the getting up early. And so, I am heading to bed much earlier than I would choose. First I wanted to post that if the scarf pattern at the Knit Your Bit website is a little to plain for you, perhaps this one in the new issue of MagKnits would be more to your liking. I've got navy and cream wool yarns (always partial to the Navy boys anyway), and think I'll try out this one myself.     And to apologize for not getting the photos made and uploaded; I have been quite the lazy-daisy today. The day sort of just slipped away -- though the two and a half hour nap might have a little something to do with it, eh?

    knit your bit

    My DH and I were just wondering the other day [oops! Rissa reminds me in the comments that it was she and not my DH & I!] how the WWII museum had fared since Katrina, then yesterday I saw this in Creative Knitting magazine's newsletter:
    National WWII Museum Sponsors Knitting Effort
    "The National World War II Museum in New Orleans has introduced a national, grass-roots program, the Knit Your Bit campaign, that coordinates donated, hand-knitted scarves for WWII veterans in appreciation of their service to our country. Knitters can donate completed scarves which will then be distributed to individual veterans through V.A. Hospitals and other veterans' organizations. "The program will continue through the winter into 2007, but scarves sent to the Museum by December 10, 2006, will be distributed to veterans as holiday gifts this year. Every knitter that donates a scarf will receive a certificate of participation. "For more information, go to their website where you will find a simple scarf pattern that can be downloaded. Two color combinations are recommended: khaki green with cream stripes, or navy blue with cream stripes."
    (button added to sidebar)

    Saturday, November 04, 2006

    a last hurrah

        I feel like I've been in a whirlwind for the past three days, but a fun and somehow peaceful whirlwind. I had a great time going to the TVR meeting in Huntsville with Rissa--by way of Birmingham's Superior Grill & Knit Nouveau, then home by way of Little Barn. Topped off with a lovely evening of Mediterranean/Lebanese food and Mid-Eastern dancing last night, some bargain clothes shopping and delicious lunch today, it was perfect 'girls only' mini-vacation. The only thing missing was Lisa, and Rissa's DH was good company at meals last night and today.     While at the knit shop in Birmingham, I discovered an affinity to Artyarns products. Seemed like every skein that caught my eye was by Artyarns. However, I don't think I overindulged. I only bought two skeins each of two sock yarns: Brown Sheep's Wildfoote in Columbine (SY16, much prettier in person) and Artyarns' Ultramerino4 in 132 (a blue and turquoise colorway). Oops! I forgot about the ball of JaggerSpun Zephyr in White, a a 50/50 Tussah silk & merino blend.     Late this afternoon, Rissa gave me my first spinning lesson. Well, actually, in spindling. The spindle is so cute and small, and if I concentrate on the sequence of steps I can actually manage to do it! I doubt I'll get a lot of time to practice this week, but the Harvest Festival is this weekend, and I'll get to do some more then for certain. (Rissa posted a photo of me spinning on her blog.) I think that it will be a real treat to be able to sit and spin with the women in Tibet on our trip next May. Maybe they will get a kick out of it, too!     As for my own knitting... I ran out of yarn for the meditation scarf while in Richmond last week, but I finished it just a day or so after I returned home -- well, except for those darned tails! I managed to get the (short-row) heel turned on that green Senso sock,* as well as break one of Lisa's Brittany 0s while I was working on the ribbed leg! One of my bamboo 0s had been broken this summer either when the TSA searched my checked bag or later as a result of their repacking. Whichever it was, I didn't notice it was broken until I got home from Mexico because I never even worked on the sock while I was gone. So... while I was at Knit Nouveau, I bought new size 0 bamboo needles, and two Inox circulars in size 0 too. Now the green sock is on the two circulars, and coming along nicely. (I'll post a photo tomorrow; just too sleepy tonight to drag it and the camera out.)     While I was in Virginia, I took time to rent a car and drive to DC to visit two friends. One toted me to a yarn shop, The Yarn Barn where I bought a beautiful skein of Lana Grossa Meilenweit Mega Boots Stretch in color 704, a blue and green colorway. I worked a short-row toe and really like the way it knits and looks. Then I set is aside and tried to concentrate on the green sock (and my EGA class stitching--which I'll try to remember to talk about tomorrow). Now, though, I have got to go to bed; I can hardly hold open my eyes! *Seems I never posted about this sock before, even though I knew I took photos of it. Turns out that the photo is of the sock before I tore it back to the toe and then worked a different pattern for the body of the sock. So, no-can link to picture or blog entry.

    Monday, October 30, 2006

    fiber art/needle work tag

        I'm home from Richmond and had a wonderful time, despite having some terrible things happen to me. But, there was nothing to be done to change things, so one must trudge along. Especially since some great things happened, too, not the least of which was getting the phone call offering me the job for which I interviewed the Friday morning before we left for Seminar! Job starts in a week -- am I crazy to be excited?? Probably.     I took the last spot in Rissa's challenge: "the first five people to respond to the challenge via comments on this blog will get a small piece of fiber art from me [...] The catch is, you also have to make the same sort of offer in a post on your own blog. That means, this is not an exchange, you do not have to send me anything in return, but you must try to pay it forward though your own blog."     My contribution to those who do the same in response to my challenge will either be something beaded or knitted, or something that is both! So give shout-out in my comments and then pass along the challenge on your blog.

    Thursday, October 19, 2006

    tail clippings

        Here's the first batch:
        The two red scarves and one pair of socks are officially Finished Objects! More would have been done today, but I had to tinker & reknit ™ the cuff on the socks -- all while battling warm temperatures. Okay. Hot flashes.     The double-rib cuff on size 2s (that the rest of the sock was knitted with) gaped badly. So out came the double-rib tubular cast-off, the ribbing, and the size 1 DPs. The result is much more pleasing to my eye and foot.     And since it is the first completed pair of hand-knitted socks I have made for myself, you get a goofy photo of said foots. Presenting my Jaywalker socks, knit with Sockotta by Plymouth (without a color number on the band):
        Because I made another pair of socks with this ball of yarn, I made them short socks. Actually, both pair are short; I like them that way.     And Brickle likes the red scarves; he's laying atop both of them!
    B - U - S - Y     B - U - S - Y   day tomorrow!

    Wednesday, October 18, 2006

    tails and more tails!

        Here are some finished items which only need to have their tails buried in order to be truly finished: the two red scarves, two pairs of socks, and four pairs of short toe socks. I forgot to put the pair of my Knit-to-Fit Yoga Mitts (pattern to be posted soon, I hope) in the pile. Sorry.     The red scarves should be done by Friday, and the others will go along for the ride to Richmond. Maybe if I am only doing tails while talking I can keep from having to tinker & reknit ™ so much. Maybe, too, I'll have the Meditation Scarf knitting completed and the tails done by then.     Traveling with me will also be the Swallowtail Shawl, a couple pairs of socks, a book or three, my laptop . . . hope I remember to pack my embroidery supplies! Today I'm doing laundry, sorting clothes, organizing outfits with jewelry and other essentials. I'm very excited to be going to seminar again. It has been six years since I have been, and that long since I have seen some of my EGA friends. Oh! I have a job interview on Friday . . . please think good thoughts for me? The timing seems perfect.

    not sleepy yet

    2AM and I'm not sleepy yet. Boy, I hate it when this happens. So, I'm reading blogs. Found this on ChicKnits: 48 Things You Could Care Less About 1. FIRST NAME? Cynthia Sue 2. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? My father's sister, Billy Sue. Like Bonne Marie, I was to have been named after Bonnie Blue Butler (Gone with the Wind--Mom had seen it about 20 times by the time I was born... that would be in the theater), i.e., Bonnie Sue. But my parents were worried it would up set my grandmother as her daughter, my father's sister, had recently died (through hospital negligence). So, my dad came up with Cynthia to go-with. 3. WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY? Beats me. I tend to forget those kinds of things... except when I wake up from a dream about my Mom and I'm crying. Now that's reall crying. Otherwise, I'm usually crying during movies or TV or sappy Hallmark commercials. 4. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? Most of the time. Except when I'm taking notes in class. My husband likes the way I make a 'star' with the T-Z of our last name. What amazes me is that sometimes my handwriting looks like my mom's and sometimes like my dad's. 5. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LUNCHMEAT? People still eat lunchmeat? Ewwww. 6. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOU? Probably not. I'm way too needy. 7. DO YOU HAVE A JOURNAL? Sort of... but not online. My OneNote folder does keep growing and growing. 8. DO YOU STILL HAVE YOUR TONSILS? No. Lost them when I was a litle girl, after many many bouts with tonsilitis. And I'm one of those weird cases who never got the promised ice cream cause I was so sick. 9. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? If I did, it would most likely be the last thing I did. 10. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL? Sugar Pops, no, Captain Crunch. But I can't eat it now (and haven't for years anyway), so my new favorite is Basic 4. 11. DO YOU UNTIE YOUR SHOES WHEN YOU TAKE THEM OFF? Huh? You are supposed to tie shoes? 12. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? Only if I forget to use deodorant. 13. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR? French Vanilla. 14. SHOE SIZE? Six and a half, usually. And a little on the wide side. 15. RED OR PINK? Red... a "sea of red" 16. WHAT IS THE LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOURSELF? My chin. 17. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? Whom? My mom, of course. 18. DO YOU WANT EVERYONE TO SEND THIS BACK TO YOU? Absofreakinglutely not. 19. WHAT COLOR PANTS, SHIRT AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? Aqua, turquoise-yellow-pink striped, white. 20. LAST THING YOU ATE? Dry roasted peanuts. 21. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? NYPD Blue, the external fan for my laptop and the A/C. 22. IF YOU WERE A CRAYON, WHAT COLOR WOULD YOU BE? Periwinkle. 23. FAVORITE SMELL? Chocolate Chip Cookies baking. 24. WHO WAS THE LAST PERSON YOU TALKED TO ON THE PHONE? Bellsouth DSL Fast Access Tech Support. 25. THE FIRST THING YOU NOTICE ABOUT PEOPLE YOU ARE ATTRACTED TO? Everything in the face. 26. DO YOU LIKE THE PERSON YOU STOLE THIS FROM? Like the blog, like the patterns, probably would like the person in RL. 27. FAVORITE DRINK? Peach on the Beach (Appleton Rum) 28. FAVORITE SPORT? Drag Racing -- go John Force! 29. EYE COLOR? Blue 30. HAT SIZE? No idea and too lazy to measure. 31. DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS? Never been able to get a pair that work in both eyes, so only glasses for this ol' gal. 32. FAVORITE FOOD? All the carbs I can not longer eat?? Italian, Mexican, New Orleanian fares are favs, but sometimes nothing beats plain comfort food from a Mom's kitchen. 33. SCARY MOVIES OR HAPPY ENDINGS? Neither; sad endings. 35. SUMMER OR WINTER? Winter in the south, spring everywhere else. 36. HUGS OR KISSES? Kisses, if we are talking Hershey, hugs, if we are talking husbands -- which is no slight to his kisses, of course. 37. FAVORITE DESSERT? GOOD pecan pie,warm with French Vanilla ice cream, of course (that would be puh-KAHN, puh-leez-uh). 38. WHO IS MOST LIKELY TO RESPOND? Rissa & Lisa. 39. LEAST LIKELY TO RESPOND? God. 40. WHAT BOOKS ARE YOU READING? See the sidebar, it might be up-to-date. 41. WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? A pen, three tiny batteries for my laser-pointer pen, and a 10-centavos coin from my trip to Mexico. 42. WHAT DID YOU WATCH LAST NIGHT ON TV? CSI: Miami 43. FAVORITE SOUNDS? My husband laughing, my son's laughing, bluebirds and mockingbirds. 44. ROLLING STONE OR BEATLES? Beatles. Yeah, yeah, yeah. 45. THE FURTHEST YOU'VE BEEN FROM HOME? Out-of-country: Puebla, Mexico; in-country, Kauai, Hawaii. 46. WHAT'S YOUR SPECIAL TALENT? Failing to follow-through on my brillian ideas. 47. WHERE WERE YOU BORN? Florida -- unlike most of the people living there! 48. WHO SENT THIS TO YOU? Snagged from Chicknits blog. Now I'm sleepy. Just have to get this yellow furball off my lap.

    Tuesday, October 17, 2006

    10,000 blessings

        At about 4AM, I woke up with a compelling need to, well, okay, go to the bathroom, but also to get a specific yarn from my spare room and start another of the cabled scarves -- only with three cables instead of only two. Although I can't now remember, there was some reason why I needed to do this.     I grabbed the yarn and cast on, but it seemed much too loose and so I dropped down two needle sizes (US 7) and began again. I worked on it through the morning as we went to appointments, and as I knitted, I began to repeat the Great Mantra (calming when my DH is fussing about stupid drivers, highway construction, etc.) I started wondering what size a piece of knitting would have to be to make 10,000 repetitions. Thus was born my Meditation Scarf.

        Now, I can't share the pattern I use, because it is simply an adaptation of the cabled scarf in Leigh Radford's One Skein (pages 32, 35-36). Increasing the number of cables from two to three, for me, represents the Three Jewels (refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha), as well as the Three Poisons (greed, anger, ignorance) we all strive to overcome. However, all you need is a 40 stitch width for 250 rows to make your 10,000 stitches/repetitions. Every 25 rows will be 1000 stitches/repetitions.
    The background on my laptop is a beautiful valley in Tibet.
        And speaking of Tibet, EVERYONE needs to see this short video of what Chinese soldiers are doing to Tibetans! How can our country continue to do business with this government?!? How can the world even consider taking the Olympics there in two years?!? How can we as a country justify not responding to this kind of atrocity?!?     I'm heading back to the scarf . . . a long nap as the consequence of my early morning compulsion, so I'll be awake awhile longer tonight.

    Monday, October 16, 2006

    the day flew by

        It is hard to believe that it is not even 6pm. I've had such a busy day. It didn't start out so well: I left the house with my hair still wet, planning to get a hair cut. But I forgot Jason takes off on Mondays. So I looked pretty scruffy all day. And OMG! It is so steamy-warm here in MS today! Stormy, overcast, and WIN-DEE! Which didn't help my unstyled hair.     Major event today was a doctor's appointment. He wanted to follow up on the results of my blood tests from last month, specifically because, while my blood glucose seems to be in good control, my cholesterol has not come down like he had hope. The total was 231, the LDL was 160, and the HDL was 53. High cholesterol with diabetes increases my risk of heart complications, so he wants those high numbers lower. My HDL has always been good, but I worry about it now that I am pre-menopausal, so it was comforting to see that still in the good range. Other good news with regard to cholesterol, is that both kidney and liver functions are very good. So, he put me on Vytorin in a two-prong attack that is also less risky for side effects, and I'm to come back in three months. The office had a starter pack that got me a 30-day supply for free today from the pharmacy.     I actually didn't see him except when I was leaving. He has a new NP in the office, and she did the work up, consulting with him. I like her. It has been a while since he has had an NP. He had a really good PA for a while, but she left for other pastures. I have missed her.     I did my grocery shopping while waiting for the prescription, then went by the library, the bank and paid bills on my way home. I forgot to pick up the pictures before I left WM, and unfortunately there wasn't time for a pedicure/manicure. Perhaps tomorrow: dental appointments for us both, eye exam for DH.     The best news from the blood tests though was that my AC1 was 5.9% ! That is down from 8.7% in July. And my blood glucose this morning after eating was 95. He got me one of the Accu-Chek monitors the company provides and wrote me a script for the strips. I got home early enough to get the mail-order form and all my new/renewed scripts in the mail this afternoon.     DH arrived home just as I was walking back to the house from putting the mail out, we brought in the groceries and then, both of us hungry, headed to town. We had a quick and early dinner and are home, and it is not even 6pm. Sort of feels strange. Now, I hope to relax, watch a bit of TV, and work on my Swallowtail Shawl tonight.     I stitched on it driving to Bogalusa on Sunday for lunch, and tinked it on the ride home. I stitched while waiting to be called at the doctor's, then tinked it while I waited in the exam room! I just can't seem to make much progress with the Misti Alpace. I was zoomin' with the fingering weight wool, so it's frustrating.

    red scarves

        The knitting on the two red scarves was finished yesterday; one on the ride to Jackson, the other on the ride home. It took all evening tonight to do the grafting. I had plenty of yarn, so it was a stupid idea waste of time to work both cable sections and then graft, especially since it wasn't simply stockinette, or k1p1 ribbing, but k2p2 ribbing joining the cable. I meant to do one row of k2p2 at the end of the cable, but forgot, so the grafting as "wonky." Fortunately, ribbing is very forgiving as it pulls together the knit stitches and hides the purls.
        The detail of the cable pattern shows up best with the solid red one:
        (This one may go to a Tibetan monk who will be visiting one of my professors in November.)     The weekend was wonderful. Good food, good friends, and good shopping! Not as exciting, however, as my sister's weekend on the Big Island of Hawaii -- she got a bit shook up today, but is okay and I think had her lights and water back by this afternoon.

    Friday, October 13, 2006


        I forgot to make my BCA post last Saturday, and will be out of town tomorrow, so I'm posting a double-header now (and photos of my red scarves later tonight, promise!). Somewhere I came across, on someone's blog probably, a link to Lisa Loyd's Sister Scarves. These are really beautiful, and I hope to make them soon, keeping one for myself and giving one away.
        Though I have highlighted a couple of organizations/companies with special promotions for BCA in past posts, I thought I would just point you to the whole list at the Susan G. Komen Foundation site: October Partner Programs. Something there for every interest and pocketbook.     And, of course, I am again reminding myself to call the clinic for a mammogram. I am overdue.

    you know you've been

    knitting too much...     when the only reason you watch "Judging Amy" is to see what Maxine (Tyne Daly) is going to be knitting during each episode. (She's a thrower, by the way.)     At the end of one episode today, Maxine and Amy are sitting in the back yard at night and Amy asks, "You can see to do that in the dark?" "As long as I don't look at it in the light" she replies. Later she remarks that she "knits badly."     The two red scarves are half-finished. Photos tomorrow, er, later today. And speaking of scarves, go see this one Stephanie just finished from her handspun.

    Thursday, October 12, 2006


    Yikes!     I've come down with a severe case of startitis. In the past 24 hours, I cast-on for
    a scarf in the same yarns I made the pink hat for Think Pink (though I might get it finished by the deadline, it won't be in Sydney's hands by the 15th). a 5-hour baby sweater for a young friend in other pink yarns, and two Wool-Ease scarves for the Red Scarf Project.
        This is in addition to the wool scarf I have started on some size 10s in Debbie Bliss Merino Aran to use as a practice piece to teach knitting,     And the Swallowtail Shawl, which I cast-on the day after the MistiAlpaca arrived. I would be half-way through the pattern repeats of the Lace Bud pattern 2, but I foolishly tried to knit on it while I was with #1Son at the bank and car dealership yesterday buying his new used car. Time to tinker & reknit™     I have knitted lace patterns often in the past, but I have never actually knitted with lace-weight yarn before. I am finding it a bit tricky. It is so light, it is still at the whim of the circular needle. I'm using bamboo, at least, so it isn't so slippery as if I was using metal. I have to pay just a bit more attention so the stitches don't slip away, but with every pattern repeat it gets better, and I get back into the swing of the pattern. I wish I had started the dark red one though, instead of the grey... and as much as I want to finish it and wear it, I dread the blocking.     That's all for now.. it's a cool, beautiful day. Well, okay, it's overcast, but that's why it's so cool. Fine with me. The birds are singing and I have a quiet house for stitching. I think the neighborhood dogs are all sleeping, and the trains have quite running until later in the day....... TV is off and I am content keeping my own self company.

    Sunday, October 08, 2006

    in the pink

        It's just a little warm in the house today, but not so warm that I want to close the windows and turn on the A/C. So, as my hands tend to be the warmest part of my body, it's been less pleasant to knit today.     The project I have been working on for the last week or so has involved a good bit of Tubular cast-off, i.e, grafting, i.e., Kitchener Stitch -- due to having to rework some ending ribbing several times. (Removing grafting is a pain, isn't it??) So, before doing the last bit on this project, I decided this morning to graft the Sidewinder hat I finished before we went to Saint Augustine for our anniversary.     It is slow going. I'm reading blogs as I work it. My hands get sweaty, and I put it down. NOW, I have just realized that although the edge is stockinette (first six stitches) the rest is garter, and I've been grafting on the wrong side to boot! So, the fuzzy yarn I have used, which has been a pain every time I have had to tink'r & r'knit™ and while I was doing the short-rows, is now a blessing in disguise.     The hat is for me, the grafting row will be to the inside, and looks fine right-side out.... that's the rational part of me it trying to control the compulsive part of me that wants to tink'r & r'knit™ it by telling me, "One more stitch, keep stitching. One more stitch, keep stitching."     Doing this grafting, I have found a way to check my place. To make it more like the Tubular Cast-off which I have been doing for DAYS, I put all the live stitches for the seam onto one needle rather than two. So, if the second stitch on the left needle is from the "back needle" stitches, I know that I am in the purl-purl portion of the sequence. If the second stitch on the left needle is a "front needle" stitch, I know that I am in the knit-knit part of the sequence. If my sequence doesn't match up with the stitch placement, I know I made a mistake somewhere a few stitches back. This has been helpful working with this fuzzy, and flimsy yarn as the "back" stitch sometimes seems to disappear and I have actually worked the second and third stitches on the needle together by mistake.     Nice day, considering I've stayed in all day. Hubby is switching between the NASCAR race and XM radio on the dish, old country/western stuff. Windows are open, birds and critters making noise, cats are happy.    ETA: Seam is finished:
    (I hate the way I look in hats.)
        I know the "sidewinder" pattern is lost in the fluff, and the novelty yarn I used in it too, but I had it, I wanted a pink hat, and viola!

    Saturday, October 07, 2006

    going pink

        Well, it's not a total conversion. In fact, it looks pretty sorry -- I'm not so good at deciphering CSS -- but I'm making an effort to go Pink for October. I tried to keep the pink moderate, so as not to make anyone ill looking at a Pepto-Bismol blog for 24 more days!     It was my intention to post a month's worth of little goodies, like I did in this post, but being in Florida for the first couple days of the month gave me a late start and I decided I would just "post pink" each Saturday. How fortuitous that I should stumble across Matthew's site, mentioned above, tonight!     Here's one even I can enjoy, at least a little:

    Crunch for the Cure
        I love the Garden Salsa variety -- and a one-ounce portion is just perfect for a tuna & salad lunch. Satisfies my carb/fat craving at a small cost. Sasha loves to lick the seasoning off your fingers:

    Our Sugar & Spice Princess

    Friday, October 06, 2006

    Saint Augustine Photos

    I've put some of the photos I took with the digital in an album here. I don't know how to change the order, and they uploaded in the reverse order that I intended for them to be. I'll add more when we get DH's film developed. Here's the welcome sign, coming into Mississippi, that we saw on the way home: Part of me wonders about the person who came up with the slogan, another about the people who approved it. Cynthia

    Thursday, October 05, 2006

    tag, I'm it

    5 Weird Things About Me

    Rissa said, "That leaves me to tag someone, so I will tag those poor souls who know me in real life; Cynthia, Lisa, and Karin. I know you girls are reading this…so now you are tagged! I figure that if they are friends with me, you know they have to be a little off center." (Emphasis mine.)

    Hmmm. I think that's a compliment. Not sure these are so very weird, but...

    1. I have a bridge phobia which probably stems from recurring nightmares I had as a child of going off the end of a drawbridge in a car.

    2. When I find an author I like, I want to read EVERYTHING they have written and order of publication.

    3. I am too lazy to cook, but I collect cookbooks. This goes hand-in-hand with watching the Food Channel. Oddly, I also hate to clean house, but I don't collect books about that!

    4. I love to buy gifts, but I hate to package them up to mail off. I have Christmas presents in my dining room from last year for relatives in MD.

    5. I don't like long phone conversations any more. Used to talk for hours with friends and relatives. Now they probably all think I hate them cause I never call people unless I really need to talk to them about something. On the other hand, I can waste all day chatting online.

    My blog-buddies have all been tagged except one, but if anyone reading this wants to play along, consider yourself tagged! Let me know in the comments, please. Cynthia

    Wednesday, October 04, 2006

    once a beadaholic

    always a beadaholic.
        There were three listings for bead shops in the Saint Augustine yellow pages, only one of them still in business, Yo Ho Ho Beads, right in the Old Spanish Quarter. Really nice woman. I was sorely tempted by some of her finished pieces. But, only succumbed to the purchase pictured above. These treasures came from a shop by the center of town, Cool Beads. The shop was not listed in the yellow pages, but had ads in the tourist brochures. Poor man. The city is tearing up the street in front of his shop and his business was suffering already. They had only been working on the street for a week, but it will be at least three more weeks before the road is open again. Beadaholics will still search him out, but his curious foot traffic and impulse buyers has dried up for now. At least it is the slow, off-season -- then again, that actually makes it worse.     I believe most of the above are stone, not glass. The wavy purple and shell-shaped green are definitely glass. I usually buy odd numbers of beads, and only buy two of something when I am planning earrings, or end embellishment. The two silver items on the far left are end/bead caps. And the strand of turquoise is for a neckpiece to go with a pendant I bought in Mexico this summer.     If I could ever get myself organized, I could get some beading done! So many passions, so little time. Cynthia

    Tuesday, October 03, 2006

    25 & 5

        Yesterday was our 25th wedding anniversary. Today we returned home from a quick celebratory trip to one of our favorite places, Saint Augustine, FL.     It was supposed to be a surprise for my husband. We had talked several months ago about going, then dropped it. Last Thursday, I checked reservations again, and rooms were still available. I really wanted to suprise DH... but a series of interruptions (albeit pleasant) and delays on Friday kept me from getting everything done that needed to be done. So, later that evening, I had to tell him the plan. We finished packing, went to bed early and were on our way east by 8am on Saturday.     I am notorious for falling asleep on long drives, but I actually managed to stay awake for the trip. I knitted almost the entire way. We arrived early in the evening, before sunset. When it was time to leave this morning, we were both considering staying another day -- so we got on the road quickly! On the ride home, I slept more than knitted.     We had good food and good weather. We wandered through the historical district and drove along the ocean. We met wonderful peeople, both locals and visitors. We did a bit of sightseeing and some shopping, though not as much as we'd have liked as many of the stores and restaurants were closed on Monday. It is the "off" season, but there were still too many people around on Saturday night and Sunday morning to suit us!     The hotel where we stayed has been bought by the people who also own the Hilton just a block away, so we may not be able to afford to stay there next time. They are planning major renovations. We love it because it is right on the bay and very reasonably priced. A simple place, but convenient.     I'm a bit of a rare bird: a Florida native. My family moved to Maryland when I was 14, but part of me has always hoped to live there again. When I was a little girl, we sang this song in school: I want to wake up in the morning where the orange blossoms grow. Where the sun comes creepin' through my window peepin, and the songbirds sing "Hello!" I want to wander through the orange groves... (forget this line) so I'll make my home in Florida, where the orange blossoms grow.     The "&5" in the title? I gained five pounds. Oh, well. Back to work. Speaking of work. There's another library job posted. Won't get it, but I applied anyway. Cyn

    Monday, September 25, 2006


        It was great fun to spend the past two weekends with our friends in Jackson. Sometimes I really wish we lived nearer to them. And then we have days here when we really love living in a small town. I guess it all comes down to people.     Hubby worked most of Saturday and had one more yard to do on Sunday, but the day began with an early storm, so he suggested we go do our shopping (which had been on the schedule for after he finished). I learned two lessons:         1) NEVER go to Wal-Mart or Sam's after Sunday morning church services end;         2) Original plans are often best.     I have a tendency toward panic attacks in some crowded situations. Not all. For example, I could be on a crowded bus in Mexico, no problem. Perhaps it is just when there is movement around me, or when *I* need to be moving and can't?? I don't know. I just know it happens most frequently in WM when there are lots of people shopping.     Sweet hubby doesn't understand, but is sympathetic, as usual. And honestly, he was right when he observed that it didn't really seem that crowded to him. So, I don't know what was going on yesterday, I just got the groceries as fast as possible, did my best to avoid congested aisles and got the heck out of there. In Sam's, where we actually went first, I saw a continual flow of people coming into the store as I waited at the entrance while hubby to parked the truck. I told him I didn't want to shop, just get the water and leave. Fortunately it is at the front of the store AND near the bathrooms, ironically. So I guess I was already 'primed' when we went next door to WM.     Which brings me to lesson 2. If we hadn't changed our plan -- and in fact, he probably could have done the mowing in the morning -- we would not only have missed the church crowd (violating their "Sabbath"*), but we would have eaten at the Chinese buffet instead of having Sunday brunch at O'Charley's. What I ordered did not agree with me, and I had to order something else. Of course, hubby remarked he would have eaten too much at the buffet, so for him it worked out well even though his eggs were burned. Okay, not burned, but way overdone!     This morning I finally got 'on the mat' and learned another lesson: my arms are too short for my body. More importantly, yoga is very hard on my wrists.     Two weeks ago I started weekly yoga lessons at the community college across the street (missed the first class because I went on the wrong day). I have also been recording Namaste Yoga off the FitTV channel, though I haven't watched but one of them thoroughly. I will copy them to VHS, removing the commercial breaks, and then, I think, to DVD. On Sunday, I picked up two DVDs at Ross Dress for Less: Crunch - The Perfect Yoga Workout: The Joy of Yoga & Fat-Burning Yoga with Sara Ivanhoe and Baron Baptiste's Journey into Power: Power Vinyasa Yoga, Level 1     I have watched them both and really like the presentors and the routines. They sure do make it look easy! However, when I tried to work along today, I discovered it all looks much easier than it is. Like I said, my arms are too short for some of the hand placements. My leg muscles are way too tight for my heels to reach the floor in, for example, Downward Facing Dog. BUT, even though I couldn't do the whole thing -- once my hands gave out, I fast-forwarded to the poses that didn't involved placing weight on the hands -- I did feel good when I was done.     Now I'm taping off the Namaste episodes (and wearing my HandEze gloves). Some of the routine have NO poses placing weight on the hands! I will try one of those tomorrow. I also draggged out my mid-eastern dance videos. I thought I only had one, Goddess Workout with Dolphina, but I also have her Introduction to Belly Dance. I'm thinking that doing a yoga routine three mornings a week (only two until my class ends in three more weeks though) and dance two days a week will make up for not getting the exercise I used to walking around on campus and at work in the library.     I've joined both the Swallowtail KAls, but haven't yet gotten back to my own knitting of it. The short toe socks are still distracting me (as is catching up on reading the list of blogs in my Favorites folder). The Yellow-Pink-Orange ball of Sockotta I am using now is self-striping, where the blue-purple-green colorway just pooled. When I started the second sock with the YPO, I didn't move to the correct place in the color sequence. So, of course, now I have to make another two socks, each matching the color sequence of the two already completed. Being gone so long yesterday, and reading blogs so much, I only finished one of them. I'm about ready to cast on for the fourth sock in the YPO colorway as soon as I finish this post. Then perhaps later today I will get to the Swallowtail... I heard from the seller yesterday by email, and my Misti Alpaca is on it's way. Maybe I can finish this shawl and be ready to start another when it arrives. Cyn *I know true Sabbath is Saturday, and that Christians don't observe it like Jews, but many Christians DO erroneously call Sunday the Sabbath, and most believe at least to some extent that it is wrong to work on Sunday. To my mind, there is something just a little inconsistent and contradictory if you are shopping (or eating out) on Sunday and you believe it is sinful work on Sunday. YMMV