Sunday, September 30, 2007

sunday pm!

Wow! It's 4:30pm on Sunday afternoon and ALL of my classwork which is due by midnight tonight is completed and submitted!
I can actually enjoy a quiet Sunday evening... go to supper, knit, and watch some television we recorded during the week -- or some of the Law & Order: Criminal Intent 6th season marathon on USA.
Speaking of knitting, I have one knit row and the bind-off row yet to do to finish the red Swallowtail! More reason for a happy dance! I may pull out a WIP I was reminded of when IM'ing with my sister last night. Pictures will follow.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

morning murphies

The day began well enough. I was over my stomache problem which had sent me home from work at noon yesterday. Son#1 was up and coming to class, though still ill. We took his car so DH could have the truck. We had just gotten on the interstate when we hear a loud flapping noise: the tread on the left front tire was shredding. Son#1 got out the doughnut/spare and I called home to get someone to bring us the truck. (Son#1 didn't want to drive on it until he was ready to go get tires, which, btw, he'd just gone to have done on Monday but the store didn't have the right ones for his Cougar.)

Son#2 had to wake up DH, because Son#2 could not bring us the truck because *he* can not drive a standard transmission. In the meantime, Son#1 realizes neither of the lug wrenches in his trunk actually FIT the lug nuts on the tire! DH is asked to bring tools...

Next, the doughnut/spare is flat. DH & I drive home to get the air tank. Back at the Cougar, tire is pumped up and then... it won't start. Battery is dead. Called Son#2 to bring battery cables. He finally arrives, Cougar is jump started and everyone is happily on their way... except for Son#2. DH asks that Son#2 follow him home just in case. Son#2 neglects to tell DH that he will be late for class, follows his dad home and then e-mails me so that.... nevermind... this saga is way overlong already!

The good thing, is that Son#1 went to the on-campus clinic (again) and this time a (different) doctor (did not say "Probably a virus) wrote him a script for antibiotics. One of those once-a-day for three days ones, so I hope he is better soon!

On the knitting front, I've only been able to knit at night since I've been driving to work. I was up to row 7, I think, on the edging last night when I found a mistake. So, I'm tinkering back to half-way across row 5 to fix it. Probably happened while I was watching a series premier! At least classwork is light this week, cause I am chomping at the bit to get this finished! Back to work, y'all.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

d-feeting diabetes

 I've managed to lose the weight I picked up in Chicago -- this is a very good thing, though I do miss the Uno's pizza! -- but my sugar is still higher than I would like. Obviously, I'm not eating as well as I should. Nor am I getting enough daily exercise. Sedentary jobs are bad for that.

 In that vein, last night I registered online for the Walk for Diabetes being held here on September 30th. I found out from a co-worker that it is only three miles. I hope I receive more details soon. The logo is so cute (don't try to click-- link coding isn't there), and so is the slogan:

"Everyone's Walking to D-feet Diabetes"

 Even though I *only* have Type II, which is often (and, thankfully, the case for me) easily controlled with diet and exercise, I know that juvenile diabetes and Type I in adults is not so easily controlled, even with medicines and/or insulin... and the side-effect conditions are extremely serious to the point of being fatal. The statistics are alarming, not just the diagnosed cases, but especially the estimation that over 6 million people in the United States are walking around undiagnosed!
 So... forget the low-carb fad. There are much more serious reasons to watch your carbs! Know the symptoms and get your blood sugar checked regularly. The American Diabetes Association website, of course, has lots of information.

Monday, September 17, 2007


I want to share a Tibet photo with you. It is my current desktop background, and I enjoy it so much that I thought I would show it to you all. (I took one much like it, but this one is Andrea's.)

This is Namtso, a sacred lake north of Lhasa. The mountains are the Nyenchen Tanglha, which is also the name of the protector god of Lhasa, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, all of Tibet as well as the local region.

This is one of the most sacred spots in a land of sacredness. It is also very cold there! The altitude is over 15 thousand feet at the lake; the pass over which you must come to get to the lake is over 17 thousand feet, and Nyenchen Tanglha summit is over 23 thousand feet!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

    I found my missing (since July 29th) flash drive!

    It was caught between the console and the rail on which the passenger seat moves forward. That area of the truck has been full of "stuff" and this is the first opportunity I have had taken to search since we took all the "stuff" out before we drove to Jackson to catch the train to Chicago!


    See... I am easily pleased after all, eh??


Monday, September 10, 2007

home from Chicago-land

... back to Walmart-land.

    Perhaps I am a city-girl at heart. I think I could definitely like living in Chicago (except in the winter, of course).

    Perhaps, though, I have just never found the place where I am most content, because I often feel I could/would like to live/move to places I visit. Then, again, maybe that just shows I am extremely adaptable and easy to please. Nah. Not likely! LOL

    So, what did I love about Chicago? Most everything (especially since I also heard that all public smoking will soon be banned)... the food, the buildings, the "cosmopolitan" appearance of everyone and everything. I realize we were in a better part of town, that there are other spots which are nicer, and others which are not so nice. I loved not having to drive. And, the people, with rare exception, were quite congenial and helpful.

    Of course, I am not thrilled to have had to come back to work today! Vacations, especially ones where one gets to travel to a new place are such fun. Unfortunately, they don't last forever for but few of us. I am thrilled that, although I am behind on my reading, I only missed one assignment for my classes. Oh, how hard it is going to be to read instead of stitch this week! Seems like it is time for some serious time management.

    It is also time to get back to eating right. Yes, I gained a couple of pounds while I was gone, on top of the couple I had let creep up over the last couple months. I do not want to go back to the doctor weighing more than I did at my previous visit. Fortunately, I will be walking more on campus now that I go to class three days a week, and as the weather cools, I will take walking breaks (and lunches on non-class days). The trick for me is too eat properly at home for supper. And MORE stairs!