Thursday, June 30, 2005

summertime... & the livin' is easy??

Wow. Almost six months since I published anything to my blog. I love my blog, so that lets you know just how consumed I have been with my courses for the spring semester! It was probably unwise to take 18 hours, half of them senior-level courses at that, but I managed a 4.0, so I can't complain. My family might, though! When I didn't have my nose in a book, I was just plain too exhausted mentally to do much else. I also started working part-time at the university library. Now, summer semester's half over, and I have already completed 7 additional hours of credit with 6 more to go for the term. I am SO looking forward to the August break... but, ya know, if feels good to keep my brain so stimulated. I have had great professors. I know I am lucky in that. I really only need 24 more hours to graduate (OMG, that's the first time I've actually thought about it that way...), but I was invited to apply to Honors College, and that adds 6 more required hours of coursework, so I'm not going to try to 'walk' next spring afterall. I've done very little knitting in the past six months. A couple of 5-hour baby sweaters, and I started my striped, hemp top in mid-May. Only about 6-inches of the 14 needed before beginning the arm-hole shaping. I pull it out when my mind needs a break, or I'm riding in the car without my textbooks. And speaking of texts, Morte d'Arthur is calling me....oh! But I didn't tell about Jah-maica yet!! LC