Thursday, March 23, 2006

if that mockingbird won't sing

    We've lived in our house for over six years now, and from the very beginning there have been mockingbirds who sit and sing outside the bedroom window. Rather than disturbing, I have always rather enjoyed them. What always amazes me is how early in the morning they begin -- or rather how late at night??     Anyway, this morning the singing was quite different. Apparently this particular bird spends a lot of time where someone is playing video games. ALL the twitters had a definitely electronic nature. I wish I'd had my recorder in the bedroom; I was too sleepy to get out of bed to get it. But I will have it tonight and perhaps will catch it. It really is funny.     Little 'monkey-see-monkey-do' that I am, I just had to get some Socatta when I saw Rissa's great socks. It arrived on Friday, but I was still working on a hat for KniTibet. But, Tuesday night I gave in to temptation and began a sock with the fushia/yellow/orange colorway. I wanted to make them like the Old Shale sock in Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook. Somehow I managed to miss that the pattern was on the next page after the picture of the sock... so I spent a little time looking at Old Shale/Feather&Fan patterns I had and converting those 18-stitch patterns to the 11-stitch pattern the book says the sock used. Long-story-short: I started the sock making the pattern row every other row instead of every fourth row. It is a pretty pattern, but not really what I wanted.     I presented my problem to Rissa, who kindly pointed out the pattern on the next page of the book. I actually fought my desire to rip, grabbed a different ball of Socatta last night and started another sock using the pattern on the page. Turns out the pattern in the book does NOT create the same as is pictured. To get the same look as the picture Round 2 of the pattern, the purl row, must be:
p2, k7, {p4, k7} 5 times, p2
As soon as I can find my digital camera, I'll get some pictures posted.     Oh! Oh! We are going to a Lily Chin workshop in Natchez in two weeks! LC

Saturday, March 18, 2006

ides, irish, italian

    Saw my former supervisor at the library yesterday; she said I was missed. Last week, one of the other workers asked me if I missed working. I do miss it, because I enjoyed working there. But I also treasure the additional time I now have. My stress level has definitely decreased.     Last night I finished another Spiral Rib hat for KniTibet and began a new one. I'm using the wool Rissa and I dyed in November. I've knitted up the golden brown, the aqua, and am now using the purple. When is it finished, there is one more hank of an olivey-green. I found some wool blend novelty yarn (No Boundaries brand) at Wal-Mart this week and am working that into the main body of the hat. Because I am carrying that thread across four stitches and working four stitches around each row, it is very soft on the inside.     Hubby was home when I finally got out of bed this morning. It had begun to rain just as he started to work at a friend's house, so they had to quit. He asked if I wanted to "do" something today.... now that the day is over, I remember that there was an Irish-Italian festival at one of the Catholic churches near campus today (celebrating St. Patrick's and St. Joseph's Days). Oh, well. I sure could eat some good Italian food. LC

Thursday, March 02, 2006


I wanted to post this last night, but it was late when I got home and I went straight to bed....
"Tonight I worked my last shift in the library. Part of me is relieved not to have to work any more, to just go to class and study. But I also really enjoyed my job and I will miss the people. Not the lazy students who want you to do their research for them, but the ones whose faces light up when they realize the information they need is readily available to them either in our library or online. If I am lucky, there will be room for me during the summer or next fall. I've been told I'd be welcomed back."