Sunday, January 09, 2005

"Blueberry" Squares Hat

Finished just a few moments ago, a blue (& acrylic -- ugh!) version of Cranberry Squares by Janis Witkins from the Winter 2004 issue of Knitters: Bernat's boucle would not go down to gauge -- the yarn called for was much thinner -- but all I had to do was make it seven instead of eight units around. My head is really too small for a hat this deep, but to fit a larger head I will have to work the lower edge bind-off again. This project taught me that (at least at this point) I do not much care for modular knitting. A couple of factors play into this dislike:
  • too many ends to work in
  • too many stitches to have to pick up

I have a good bit of the yarn remaining, so I may experiment with working two-colors on the diagonal and see if a similar effect can be achieved.

I have finished three other hats and two vests over the semester break. I will try to get some more photos up (before I give everything away -- well, the second vest and matching tam are for me).

Spring semester begins tomorrow: Social Psychology; Experimental Psychology; Sleep & Behavior; Spanish 102; History of Mexico & the Caribbean; Mysticism. Plus I got hired to work about 10 hours a week at the university library. Think of me on Mondays and Wednesdays -- they will be 12-hour ones!

I had hoped to have my house in good shape by now, but it still looks like a tornado came through. However, my back is improving and maybe soon I will get things done. The most difficult part is remembering all I need to do!!


Saturday, January 01, 2005

Ol' Year, New Year

2004 slipped by for us as quietly as Christmas did. As the last couple of CST hour of today approach, I am hoping my mother's supersitions are indeed just that. We've eaten no pork, no cabbage, nor any black-eyed peas this day. And I have done none of the things I usually do on the first day of every new year -- not even burned a bayberry candle! Gads! How in a rut are we that almost the entire holiday season has passed as if just that many more same-old, same-old days. I did at least cook supper tonight, but nothing at all traditional. Crawfish in a creamy, cheesey, tomato-ey sauce over elbow macaroni. Hubby did proclaim it "the best macaroni" he'd ever eaten, however, he is not a big pasta fan like I am. All I could think of was how far it fell short of tasting as good as Semonlina's Chicken Parmesean or Olive Garden's Sicilian Shrimp. I will also do some knitting as soon as I finish this entry. Son#1 picked up the last Knitting Patter-a-day calendar at the Barnes & Nobles for me today. I looked through the first six-months of patterns before I had to set it aside, seeing at least a dozen things I *must* knit! I had a screaming headache compounded by some weird lightheadedness and dizziness. Son & hubby were watching Lord of the Rings Return of the King: I napped, but awakened feeling even more miserable and took some Tylenol. I swear I must be getting sick; I have felt terrible for a couple days now. Earlier in the week we went to the bookstore, where I gathered up the knitting magazines to see if I wanted to buy any. I decided on the Knitter's and searched the net when I got home for one of the pattern's yarns. At $11.00 a ball and needing two balls, it was out of my price range (for a hat that I'll probably not wear often anyway). I grabbed some Bernat boucle I had and attempted to get gauge. I came close enough to keep knitting the modules. I'm enjoying the pattern, but not all the tails. I can now see that there are ways to reduce the number of ends leftover to weave in. Having so much of the yarn leftover, I think I'll use a larger needle size, increase the size of the squares a little and make a matching scarf. To brag (and bore): I made an A in four of my classes (inluding Spanish) and a B in the fifth for a 3.85 semester GPA, bringing my overall GPA up over 3.7 -- yes, I'm delighted. Finals were a pain, but fortunately well-spaced for studying/preparing. Classes begin again in another week. I haven't done as much reading as I had hoped over the break, but I have knitted a good bit. Made another 5-hour Baby Sweater (tho' it still takes me about 10), a vest, and two or three hats; finished another vest for gift and something else I've forgotten. Used up all my Paton's Cha-Cha on tube scarves/hoods for gifts, too. Got a bunch of Fun-Fur I'd like to use up on something (or get rid of! LOL). Looking back at my resolutions for 2004, and knowing they were not accomplished or are important enough to continue, I again resolve:
  • to remember birthdays ON-TIME (and bills)
  • to use my creative skills for tangible results to those around me
  • to delve deeper into my personal spirituality in order to attain resolution, for myself at least, over several personal situations
  • to be content -- always my primary goal

"Four has long been a number of completion, stability and predictability, as well as the representation of all earthly things."

A blessed and prosperous new year to everyone,