Wednesday, September 14, 2005

alive and well

as can be expected, at least.
    Fifteen days post-Katrina and still no phone or drinkable running water, but we have refrigeration and air conditioning. Bottled water, ice and MREs are still available even though the Red Cross stopped serving hot meals at the high school cafeteria. The local schools are supposed to begin classes again on Monday, Sep 19. Our university classes resumed this past Monday; it is good to be back. Nice to have some contact with others and get a bit of news. Without phone at home (cell or hard line), our only internet access is on campus.     I have posts I wrote after the storm to upload, but I'm writing this on from my PDA and those files are on my laptop.     Thanks to all of you for kind thoughts and prayers -- still knitting for Tibet. Finished one more hat the first night we got our power back. I will send an email to those who have contacted me about this project soon.     No classes tomorrow -- but I have FEMA and DHHS lines to tackle. Maybe we'll even have time to get some real groceries. Regardless...
we       are       so       fortunate!