Friday, November 12, 2004

bad girl, bad girl

whacha gonna do if the teacher sees you?? I'm skipping a class right now. A class where I am supposed to be taking a test. A test that I know I can make-up... not a common thing on this campus. I'm just not ready. Why? Because I'm compulsive. Not satisfied to depend upon my class notes, I am driven to read all the accompanying chapters even though I *know* that it is probably not necessary. Two of the five essay questions on the test are about lecture material that isn't even part of the text. Lordy, I wonder about myself sometimes. The alternative, however, was to work myself up into an anxiety attack and be physically ill (anxiety is primary trigger for a physical ailment for me). At least I'm not doubled-up in pain and making love to the toilet this morning. And, I prepared a summary of a lecture I attended on Tuesday night for extra credit in another class, so I am not totally wasting my time here blogging for ya. Things are getting quite stacked up school-wise. I've got to be sure to budget my time, and most importantly stay calm. It really IS okay to make a B instead of an A, right? RIGHT?? I forgot my knitting today. Bummer. Sold all my Dazzleaire! And printed out a list of the rest (mostly Lion Brand) to pass along to the knitting group in the dorm here. Life is pretty good on this chilly Friday. Hope all is well with everyone else, too. If not, well, may the powers that be bless you. LC

Sunday, November 07, 2004

sunday musings

The saga of the fuzzy scarves continues. I'm on the fourth one. Still struggling with a good cast-on. There's one where you just sort of carry a thread under the loops as you cast-on; that's next. I'm down to 48 stitches on this one. They really do stretch out big when you open the tube. The second one I made has to be totally redone. It is HUGE. Way too long and floppy. I'm liking about 75gm per scarf. Found out that a bunch of the 'co-ed' knit in one of the dorms on Wednesday night. Don't plan to try to join in, but I was happy to know that there *was* some knitting happening on campus. The knit meet-ups have never occurred in town, so I was wondering if it was just grand-ma's knitting around here. Had a good number of people stop at our yard sale yesterday. Most frequent comment heard was how pretty the yarns were, but they didn't know how to crochet. One lady did ask me if I could teach her. I told her after hearing so many wish they knew how, I might consider it and to watch the local free-ad paper for a notice if I decided to do so. Another thing, I think I just might as well list all Mom's books on I just don't get it. People will go to the half-price book store (or even the regular bookstore) and pay for books, but they think it is outrageous that I want half-price for these books?? MANY which have never even had the binding opened on them! To say nothing that the cover price is only half what new paperbacks are going for anyway!! It's not the heat, it's the stupidity. I know. That wasn't nice. Some times it sure seems appropriate though -- no matter what part of the country you live. Classes already seem to be winding down. Hard to imagine, but I think even fewer are attending class than before fall break. I still have two papers and two short-short thingies to write. Three tests this week. The only thing I think I am really dreading is the Spanish oral on the last day of class. And speaking of, I should do a little more of that tonight, and finish the Statistics chapter. So, I'm off... LC