Thursday, March 18, 2004


I love this time of night: windows are open, the breeze is light, but the streets are quiet. Everyone else in my house is asleep. The three cats are dozing around me. The X-Files is on (volume low) as I am knitting on the hood of a poncho for my little step-granddaughter. I have the most peaceful feeling. Usually at least one other person is up this time of night, so I don't get enough of these kinds of late nights any more. I miss them, and I wonder if that makes me selfish. Is it selfish to prefer the quiet? Or to enjoy solitude? Surely not. I am sure that those who live alone (not by choice) would tell me that if I lived totally alone, I would crave the company and noise of other people. Perhaps. I certainly don't envy a widow, for example; greener grass and knowing what you've got before it's gone. And unlike many women, I enjoy the company of my husband; he is my friend and companion as well as my spouse. Generally speaking, I enjoy the company of my nearly-grown sons, too -- though like most parents there are times they drive me bonkers. I've always felt that contentment comes from within. I spent many, many night like this in the past. My husband going off to bed early before he retired from his job; children in bed early, too. I had long quiet evenings to stitch and read. As the boys got older, they stayed up later, my evenings either got shorter, or I stayed up later (usually the latter). Now even dear hubby stays up later with me -- and that is a nice change from all those years of being awake many hours after he went to bed -- and the boys keep their own weird hours (one is a nightowl like his mother). For whatever reasons, I'm not usually alone at 11:00pm. So, I'm going off to enjoy a couple hours of quiet knitting... sweet dreams, LC

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Pictures, Finally

Hats, hats, hats! This is the Floppy Brim Hat. There are two sets of rows of reverse stockinette at the edge of the brim; I will add some seed bead embellishment there before sending it to a friend of mine in AK. I used part of a ball of Heirloom "Breeze" -- a very soft cotton/wool/lycra blend. Love this yarn. The four caps are for the 'men' in my step-daughter's family. Very late Christmas gifts. They are all made with LB Wool-Ease from my mom's stash. The last is LB Woolspun in navy, just a roll-brim cap. I think it is going to a friend in MD, or maybe my SIL. Sweet Jackie ES wrote me back this morning about the Juliet cap. I really appreciate her taking time to help me. Looks like I will back the needle size down and try again. Must take pictures of the finished pieces I mentioned yesterday.... find my missing WinME cd.... and all those other mundane chores piling up on top of umteen loads of laundry. LC

Tuesday, March 16, 2004


[Well.. all my photos seem to have disappeared off the server. I will try to get is resolved as quickly as possible.] I popped in to finish updating on a couple more FO... the poncho for my grandneice, and my cropped top. Guess it will have to wait until I fix the problem with MSN. Doesn't seem to be just me as the photos for Bead Art Forum are 'missing' as well. Whatever. I spent all afternoon swatching. I'm really frustrated. I want to make this, Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer and Laura Anderson's Scalloped Juliet Cap. I have a varigated rayon I bought in a large hank from a Knitswapper. I really don't know what weight/type. The pattern gauge is 3.5" over a 12-stitch modified feather-and-fan pattern. They used Heritage Cotton Chenille on size 7US and Heirloom Easycare 12 on size 10US. I've had to go to 10.5US to get gauge... it's really loose and rather uncomfortable to knit. I'm going to keep going for a bit; maybe it will work out all right. I think I need some more satisfying knitting for the rest of the evening, so I can read some blogs... I may just cast on for another poncho; a different pattern, this one from Family Circle Easy Knitting Fall 2002, #38. I've got some pretty baby boucle I'll try the pattern on. Sorry about the photos. LC

Friday, March 12, 2004

Husbands & Wives, Weddings & Marriages

Lots going on around me, knit and otherwise. First thing to come to my mind this morning was that 27 years ago today I got married -- the first time. Unfortunately, I was divorced three and a half years later. The image in my mind though was this one:

With me is a precious little girl for whom I had been babysitting for years. She is now a grown woman with three children of her own. I haven't seen her in a long time, but stay in touch through the grapevine of parental email and annual Christmas cards. She is, like me, a MoonChild... all starry-eyed and romantic over a big fancy wedding. If only the wedding made the marriage.

I have been spending a fair amount of time helping my sons find scholarships for which to apply. They are finishing up their last semester at community college and now the "big bucks" are required.

Still, I have gotten a fair amount of knitting done lately... and since I finally found the cable for my digital camera (it had fallen behind a lapboard I keep behind the end table by the sofa -- cat's knocked it off... big surprise!), I can post photos again.

Let's see..... I posted on Feb 20 that I had just finished a sock. It was the child's sock pattern from Bernat's Hot Sox wrapper. Here it is:

And on MY foot?

Nope, I don't have tiny feet either; usually a size 7.

When I saw how big the leg/heel/foot part was, I just extended the length so it would fit me. However, it is all frogged now. I didn't really care for the way it felt enough to finish the second one and actually wear them. The fabric stretched too much to be comfortable (if that makes any sense). Will try again with smaller needles. I sure thought I was on gauge, but the yarn is so soft, and my tension was just too loose I guess. I don't know. I was just pleased that I could follow the pattern and actually make a sock!

Now, this hat is something with which I'm rather pleased:

I made it for a dear friend's husband; they celebrated their first anniversary on Feb 15th (my mother's and her grandmother's birthday -- um, two women, not the same woman). I just love him, not only because he's such a great guy, but he has made my friend very happy. We keep them in our prayers.

There are three bands of garter and then a doubled brim. I used a discontinued yarn from Berella called Muskoka. It's a washable, 100% wool -- extremely soft and wonderful to knit, in my opinion. It was the only ball I had; found in a clearance bin at Hobby Lobby. Wonder why it was discontinued?

Ignore that hanging thread; I hadn't woven the end when I took the photo. But, look at that long, curly hair on my dear hubby.... he's got hair most women would kill for. Second time was a charm for us both: 23 years this coming October! And we were married at the county courthouse.

Seems a good place to stop. I'll catch up on posting my other photos later tonight or Sunday. Heading to Jackson tomorrow for our Embroiderer's Guild meeting. I'm teaching Smyrna Cross stitch and continuing our WIP canvas piece, Spring Landscape. I haven't put in a single stitch on mine since last month!


Sunday, March 07, 2004

Silly, but fun

You are interchangeable. Fun, free, and into everything, you've got every
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