Tuesday, August 19, 2008

oy! what a day i had today!

Yesterday, actually, but the sentiment from "Funny Lady" is still worth noting.

You know it is going to be a bad Monday when...

you take the wrong club card into the coffee shop;

you go back to the car to get the right one and then

you leave your credit card and have to go back to the car yet again;

you open the building door where you work and are hit with 90-degree heat;

you turn on the fan at your desk and discover if you get more than 18 inches away from it you are miserably hot;

you receive an email at 8:45am saying those in the hot part of the building should begin to see relief in 20 minutes and the thermometer in the coolest part of your hot part drops 1 degree (from 88 to 87) about 2 hours later;

....jumping ahead

you find a parking citation on your car on the first day of the new semester and wonder WTF happened to the two-week grace period on parking permits (on top of the fact that you are staff not student!);

you just about get into an accident because the driver is hanging out his window "conversing" with some girls across the road and drives into your lane;

you stand in line at parking management with dozens of students who have had all day on campus but waited until a half hour before PM closes to try to get their permits only to find that your online registration -- which you did weeks ago -- did not go through and not only can't you get your permit today, you have to re-register online and there is also a line of students at the computers in PM;

your adjustment at the chiropractor's is a waste of time because you are so stressed from heat and aggravation and you hurt all night long once you finally get home;

you have seen two of the three episodes on the NCIS DVD which arrived in the mail and the next disc is marked "very long wait" in your Blockbuster queue;

. . .

however, your sweet husband fixes you comfort food for supper, you enjoy the one NCIS episode you haven't seen and one of the two you have seen anyway, you manage to turn the heel on your 1st sock for SOS 2008 (which ends in two days) without having to reknit, and your hand finally quits hurting so you can actually get a good night's rest...

time to face Tuesday. It's only 7:30am, but so far so good...

Friday, August 15, 2008

return of the students

The irony is never lost on faculty and staff that if our favorite times of the year (those weeks without students on campus) lasted all year, we wouldn't have jobs. Still those quiet weeks are rather precious.
And even though the dorms just opened today, it is already quite apparent from the traffic both on campus AND around town that the hoard is back. Out-of-state plates on pokey cars, whose drivers don't yet know there way around, on top of Friday afternoon commuters made getting to the interstate a real pain this afternoon.
Classes begin on Wednesday. Time reset my alarm for 5:30am instead of the 5:45am respite in which I've been indulging lately... 'cause the coffee shop will be busier. Heh, heh, heh.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

28th anniversary

of my d-i-v-o-r-c-e is today... I can't explain why I always notice this event, but it was certainly a  M - A - J - O - R  crisis in my life.

If I'd paid more attention to my head and less to my heart, I might never have married him in the first place. But that's spilt milk, and I'm a big believer in the idea of life as a tapestry : pull one thread and the whole thing changes (or falls apart). Since I'm pretty happy with my life both at the moment and as a whole, I suppose I wouldn't take the opportunity if offered to go back and change it.

I don't have a photo of me coming out of court that day, my maiden name restored and that part of my life behind me, but I did previously post on this blog a photo of me on the "happy day" . . . exactly three years and five months earlier:

Somewhere, I think I still have the dress. And that precious child with me? She now has nearly-grown children of her own. grown groan