Saturday, November 26, 2005

the other shoe

    I should have known things were going too well...     Last week I found out the all three of my class substitution requests were approved. Also, that I am doing better in my psychology of learning class than I thought.     Thanksgiving used to be my favorite holiday. It hasn't been for the past five years. Thanksgiving was the last weekend that my mom was really 'with us.' Things just haven't been the same ever since. However, my husband and sons had a nice day and a good meal. We have a lot to be thankful for this year.     Since then, though, things have certainly going downhill. On Thursday night after #1Son went to bed -- after playing WoW on my laptop most of the afternoon and evening -- I rebooted the laptop and shortly it started making noise. The noise was like something hitting on the fan. The next morning it didn't take too long before the noise was back. I could smell a 'hot' smell, and shut it down immediately.     Then I had to get the old desktop set up, moved the data off the backup laptop harddrive and switch out the hard drive in the Vaio. I booted it up just to be sure it would, and the fan noise suddenly stopped. I'm afraid it totally broke or locked up; either way, it's heading to Best Buy tomorrow.     Along the way, just one headache after another, getting things set up and working, moving files, being sure I don't delete something I need. See, I have SPSS projects and note files for papers that are due within the next two weeks.     It's just aggravating more than anything else... and I felt like whining a little bit. LC

Saturday, November 19, 2005

knitting when I should be studying

    Early this week my addi turbo needles arrived, and I excitedly moved my alpaca/silk project onto them. I didn't have any time to knit right then, but when I did pick it up to stitch, I saw a "3" on the needles. I was afraid that I'd ordered the wrong size, but realized that was the millimeter size, not the US. Unfortunately, the US2's I'd knitted that skein on were 2.75 mm, and I knew that in stockinette stitch the change would be very evident! So, out came all but the first 6 rows (edging).     In the meantime, the extra skein of matching dye lot arrived.... $6.00 shipping charge. First class postage was $.83. I'm sorry, but that is outrageous. I won't be shopping there again.     Last night hubby helped me wind the last three of the four hanks we (that's Rissa and me, the mouse in her pocket) dyed last weekend. Total weight just under 450 grams. The pattern I want to attempt to covert to a Faroese shawl is on it's way, fruits of a knitswap swap (thanks, Eve). Will post a photo of the pretty wound balls asap. I'm on campus now, and #1Son has commandeered the laptop for WOW gaming.     Back to the alpaca/silk... I decided to do an all over pattern of, I guess you would call it two-row alternating seed stitch?? I have another sweater that is done in that stitch and I really like it. The k1p1 is aggravating, but I think it will look nicer than all stockinette. My concern is whether the seed stitch is going to give a smaller width gauge, and therefore make my sweater a smaller diameter. Any ideas?     I can't believe the semester is so close to being over. I've had or will have next week the third test in my classes, so nothing else until the final. I only hope I can have time over Thanksgiving holiday to do the rest of the reading/research for the major paper I have to write (that's due 12/6). LC

Monday, November 14, 2005

who is this jacka$$?

    People who know me, know that I avoid political controversies like a plague. It is upsetting, mostly because there is so damnned little one can do about it. Still, I read something today that has upset me so much I really felt like I had to at least bring it to someone else's attention...
"There's a realization that we have to accept China for what it is," said James Sasser, another former ambassador who now represents clients doing business in China, such as FedEx, Ford Motor Co. and Motorola. "The influence that we can have on China in economics and political development . . . and human rights is frankly peripheral." From the Washington Post, 11.13.2005 (emphasis mine).
    If what is going on (and has been going on) in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and all the rest of the Middle East is wrong --- then so is what is going on in China!!     Every time we support China economically, we are supporting not only the jackasses who think like Sasser (how coincidental that that's the name of a nasty computer worm) and the Chinese who are oppressing and torturing their people and those of the countries surrounding them. LC