Saturday, April 25, 2009

dress shoes stockings (purse?)

So, early this morning, I haul my sweet husband off to the Coast to go shopping with the “carrot” of going to Harbor Freight Tools, and the outlets to shop for shoes. For my part, I had just realized as I was falling asleep last night that I needed a dress and shoes for commencement in two weeks!

Rather than go to outlets first, I asked to go to Ross’s Dress for Less. Once inside, I headed for the women’s shoes first, and he headed to the opposite side of the store where are located the men’s shoes. From the looks of what is displayed in the women’s shoes, brown is the new black, and while I was busy being an adult, patent-leather shoes seem to have made a come-back.

What I liked didn’t fit, and there wasn’t a lot to choose from in sizes which would fit, so I decided to go on to goal number two: finding a black dress.

The purses just happened to be on the way to the dresses. Really. I swear.

My first thought though was that if Husband found me in the purses, he would say, “These don’t look like shoes or dresses!” And wouldn’t you know it, not 30 seconds later here he came and guess what he said.

Well, I did find a dress. It is black and white, and I thought I recalled seeing a pair of nice black and white shoes on the racks. I did. They have REALLY high heels. They fit. I bought them.

At this point I needed to eat. We couldn't make up our minds, and ended up all the way down 49, so we turned left and drove across Beach Boulevard.

Now, I've ridden across 90 a couple times since, Katrina, but he had not -- at least not east from Gulfport to Biloxi. It's still pretty sad; the worst is that you feel so disoriented because all the landmarks are gone. There is no sense of *where* you are along the way.

We drove all the way to Ocean Springs, then back to Edgewater Mall area. We decided to eat at the restaurant which is now located where the Baskin Robbins was before Katrina,the Al Freso Italian Bistro (which also has a location in downtown Ocean Springs). The food was quite delicious.

Yes, Husband made it to Harbor Freight Tools, and left with a large bag of goodies. I managed to get out of Hobby Lobby and Hancock Fabrics without a single purchase. We made one more stop, at Hudson's Treasure Chest, then headed home. It was the first time in a very long time that he and I went off like this for a whole day just "pooting around," as Mom would said.

I did not buy a purse.


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